Satnogs Network Monitor

As I have mentioned a few times I am obsessed with trying to make something like Nasa’s DSN Now webpage for satnogs.

Well so far I have a map view. (I will add links at the end.)

This map view displays all online stations as gray dots and all stations actively in am observations a green ones.

Each sat that is being actively observed is displayed in its location in the sky on the map with a line connecting it to the ground station observing it.

If a satellite is Black it means it is in eclipse that is it is in the earths shadow. If it is yellow it’s in the sun light.

I plan on adding more pages to this site in the future to make it even better. Jsut be aware that it will always be about the network as a whole.


Also it is open source on my gitlab.

Granted I have to do some refactoring.


Just arrived at home and was thinking about this:

It could be a nice overview for schedules, if one could define a time frame and see which station will be busy with what.

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I could also add it so you can select a time period and play back past at some speed faster then normal time.

I will work on it some this week end or so.

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I will be slowly trying to docker this. And make it work with MapBox GL. But it you don’t have WebGL (which it seems IOS chrome no longer has it.) it will down grade to using LeafLetJS

Hmmm you’re right. Mapbox isn’t working in iOS. :frowning:

Tho interestingly the WebGL site reports that the browser supports WebGL.

Is there some kind of debug/console logging where we can see what is happening there?

This ended up being a CSP issue, effecting all ios browsers (because webkit) and safari in osx. Unfortunately this has led to a blank screen for safari for this whole time. :frowning:

Fixed now (pending a merge to prod), works in safari/osx and ios:

I now have a dev version of my site up at

I have been slowly moving functionality from the server to the client to eventually just make this a staticly hosted web page. Currently you can’t access it directly from JS because of cross origin problems. Not sure if the problem is my end tho.

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Just did some major changes to the dev version. Now sats have a new feature in the popup. (The little window when you click them.) And line colors now have meaning.

Site moved to my new domain.

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Latest development version is at Now with a globe!


It looks like this is down?

Yep! This and my station has been up and down since Thursday because of internet problems. AT&T should be out by Wensday to fix my problem.

It seems to be working properly again but done hold your breath. It might go down again.

Small update. Internet is fixed but server is dead.

One of its 3 hard drives is failing / failed.

Welp unplugged one drive and it seems to have fixed it.

New dev is live at

Small update. You can now run the display for a long as you want and every hour it will update from the server.

You can also view the observations for a specific station now.
By visiting replacing 41 with the ID of the station you want to view.

Also currently 4 hours of pass data is sent to the user and it is only valid for an hour. As that is when the system updates the passes. This was picked so you can watch forward 4 hours.


Added a version that has the earth rotating constantly to easily view all the network.

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