Global network performance / stats

Is there a way to monitor the global performance of the entire network of stations, possibly in real time? For example, see which stations are currently active, which ones have scheduled observations over the next 24 hours, success ratios for each station and other such data?

I’m new here, so I’m sorry if this has been answered before. Cheers

The stations page on the Network has all the information you need.
Let us know if you need any additional info, and welcome to our community! (hope to see more stations in Bulgaria soon!)


Thanks! The network looks quite large. We’ll start building our own UHF station very soon so at least one more will be added here. :bulgaria:

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Their is also my website that might be of interest.
Details found here

The link over there doesn’t open though.

Try the one in this post.

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Woah, nice.

I assume the satellites shown are all scheduled to be observed?

Yep. And its in real time.

You are able to speed it the development one and view up to 4 hours into the future of observations.

Also you can see the none development one a less impressive but still neat.

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