New users welcome


@BG8DIV and a happy new year to you. Welcome to SatNOGS, shout up if you need anything!


Alex, g7kse


Thank you for your best wish.
I believe that I can learn a lot of SATNOGS from everyone in the community.



Thank you for your reply and best wish.
I hope I can communicate with you more.




Sven from Germany here. I met the UPSat team at FOSDEM and they introduced me to the SatNOGS project. I’m a big space fan and this looks like something I could do, either by running a ground station or contributing code. Consider me intrigued :smiley:


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Looking forward to seeing your station online soon then :slight_smile:



Hi All (Am I doing this right?)
I am in the process of building a ground station in Oak Ridge, TN, USA.
Looking forward to participating in this community.

Butch K8KO


Hi Butch – welcome to SatNOGS! If you’ve got any questions, just drop a line in the forum. And if there’s anything missing from the wiki, please feel free to correct it or let us know!


@butchalline Welcome to SatNogs :slight_smile:


Greetings all from Framingham, MA, USA. I hope to have my ground station online soon, currently I’m involved in the construction and tweaking of a 70cm parasitic Lindenblad. Also have an SHF-Elektronik mini 70 preamp which will feed into an airspy connected to an intel i5 machine running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

73 Henry, KC1DYI


First and foremost welcome! Looking forward to see your :satellite: ground-station online!

Feel free to document your build at the wiki if you like.[quote=“henry, post:233, topic:29”]
an intel i5 machine running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

According to a message in our chat room an Ansible playbook is tested by @Acinonyx for Ubuntu too (similar to the one we have on Debian)


Thanks! hopefully I’ll have the time to do a test install of the client tomorrow. My antenna is pretty much the design from the 2006 AMSAT proceedings. I swapped a few different parts into the design. I’ll post my component listing plus a few constructions photos to the wiki once this antenna has been proven to receive at least one satellite. currently it has a VSWR of 1:1.4 at 436MHz at 418MHz I’m seeing almost 1. I wonder if I dare shave off a few mm to bring that 1:1 VSWR closer to the center of the satellite operations portion of the 70cm band. Or leave as is.


I just bring my two stations online in testing mode. The VHF one is using an Eggbeater antenna with a preamplifier and and a rtlsdr connected to a pi3b+.
The uhf one is similar but with a pi3b

73 Rémi N5CNB (also F6CNB)


Welcome @N5CNB great to see the great state of Texas online :slight_smile: looking forward to see you here and on our chat room.


Hi there,

My name is Xolani and am a founder of an open source hardware scientific instruments manufacture and would love to be involved and contribute in this project . Space science is not common in my part of the world so I would want to pioneer it. There is a lot I will learn here, am looking forward to engaging in all activities.


Welcome, looking forward to see you pioneering space, especially open source space in your local community. Feel free to ask and share ideas with the global libre space community.


Hey all space enthusiasts!

I am Ioannis, originally from Greece but spent time around Europe as well. Currently living in London, U.K. and working as a Software Engineer in an OS Team. I have experience in the defence sector, in ground telecommunication systems with FPGA based devices.

My dream is to create from the ground-up my own pico satellite. Are there any people around (either UK or worldwide) who would like to take such a project? Shape ideas, get ideas from and give back to the community.

Feel free to ping me :wink:


Hi @wizofe – welcome to SatNOGS and Libre Space! Being involved in a cubesat project would be a great thing – definitely post your ideas to the forum.

You may also want to take a look at the Phase 4 Ground project, which is about building an open-source 5/10 GHz SDR for satellite and terrestrial use. Most of the action takes place on their mailing list…they’re still establishing a web presence for the project.


Hi everyone,

i am Sebastian, licensed as DO9SD since March this year…

While trying to dive deeper into that whole hamradio topic i was looking
for a rotator for receiving NOAA and similiar stuff and during that i discovered satnogs.

So now i am working towards building my groundstation with rotator.
I just got my first 3D printer a few days ago, so i am quite busy at the moment :joy:

I am really looking forward to get this thing running :slight_smile:

73 Sebastian


Hi @do9sd – welcome to SatNOGS! I did much the same thing – tripped over SatNOGS, decided to build a rotator and bought a 3D printer (because more hobbies!) :smile:. My rotator is still not built, so this is a good reminder that I need to get started!

Best of luck with your build – if you run into any problems or have any questions, be sure to post to the forum…odds are, someone else has tripped over the same problem or will have the same question.