New users welcome

Hey all,

Post here if you are new! Let us know a bit about yourself :smile:

I will do the start: I am Pierros Papadeas, contributing on SatNOGS project since the start as an all rounder. Hardware, Software, promotion, design, documentation, copy, product and project management, you name it, I had something to do with it :wink:

Now your turn!



My name is Jon, and I’m from Ohio.

I have a lot of interest in this project and would love to set up a ground station to help advance the project. I have a lot of interest in science, have a ton of DIY experience and plenty of experience programming everything from Arduinos, to PLCs, to Linux OSS projects.

I’m looking forward to digging in soon and starting to gather what I need to put a ground station together!

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Hello, I’m Ryan from St. Louis area. Looking forward to see progress on this although I don’t know of anyone with a 3d printer local here yet.

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Hello world.

I am Lefteris Kosmas.

I live in Athens,Greece I am part of the SatNOGS team as the official “Night Owl Media Guy” trying to promote our vision of bringing near space to our backyard and rooftops. :smiley:


System.out.println(“Hello world of SatNOGS”);

var1 = ‘Hello world of SatNOGS’
print var1

printf(“Hello world of SatNOGS”);
cout << “Hello world of SatNOGS” << endl;

No matter what language you speak, it is a great pleasure to see such a project be limited only by the borders of imagination.

I am Dimitris, I live in Athens,Greece and my vision is to contribute as much as possible to this wonderful project.

It is great honour to know the core team and I would like to thank them in public once again!!

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Morning…g7kse from IO84el
aka Alex from St Bees, Cumbria. Ham radio fan, vhf any uhf user and occasional ham sat user

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Hello to all,

my Name is Robert and am licensed as oe6rke.
Looking Forward to build an satnogs Station too.
great Project you started and congrats to the Award!

ciao Robert, 73 de oe6rke


Hey everyone,

My name is Montaser Sallam, an EE student from Jordan, I am the founder and the main developer of SunewnewSat, the Pocketqube satellite. I can’t wait to start building the Ground station.

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello Pierros and everyone,
I am Pat AA6EG , in Northern California.
Congratulations on your Hackaday 1st prize win!
A newbie here, I am interested in developing generic Ground networks, especially for Cubesat operations.

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Hey all,

I am Bart from The Netherlands. I read about SatNOGS just 30 minutes ago and I love this project! I would love to build my own satellite ground station as I am a HAM operator (PA3DDT) long Space enthusiast and space blogger

I am in the progress of exploring satellite communication so SatNOGS is a great project to participate in and contribute too.

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Hi All,

I am TA7W, Baris from Turkey. Thank you for bringing up this group, which i was looking for…

These are my skills and I am ready to support your work in any area you

  • Electronic circuit design,
  • RF test (I have a RF Lab in my shack)
  • I am actie on all ham birds (satellites)
  • I worked for cubesat projects and designed/implemented a VHF-UHF
    transponder which was deployed with TURKSAT 3USAT
  • I am an advanced unix/linux user (administrator)
  • I can develop software (C/C++, Python, Java, etc.)
  • I worked as a network engineer when I was young :slight_smile:
  • etc.

I am ready to have duty in your project, and I will be happy to be part of
your group.

73’s de TA7W


Hey all,

I am a ham operator from the Netherlands interested in building/extending antenna hardware
for my home QTH and for our club PI9ESA ( The SatNOGS project is on my radar since quite some month :smile:

My next goal is to replicate the SatNOGS rotor box and install it at our club. So far I printed most of the parts …

73 PA7T / Clemens

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Hi all,

I’m just diving into the world of ham radio (after many, many years of meaning to!) thanks to hearing of the RTL2832U devices, and the satNOGS project seems like a great idea. I’m currently reading up as much as possible about everything and should be taking my foundation license (UK) very soon.

I’ve got a 3d printer, and very used to arduino and such like. Not too hot on the programming side yet tho. :smile:

I’ve loads of questions about the project, but will put them in a more suitable thread.


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Hello All

I’m a Ham Operator in New Zealand. I’m interested in satellites, SDR, making antennas and too many other things.
This project is a great fit for Ham Radio. Over the past few years I’ve been following and/or experimenting with all the technologies used in this project so will be interested in making my own ground station. I think the rotator is genius, can’t wait to build one. The only trouble is I have no spare time at the moment so I’ll have to be content just following along for the moment. Good luck.


Francis - ZL2FdH

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Hey all,

I don’t have any experience with satalites. Or radios. Maybe because of all that, I think this is a pretty cool project. I’m from the Netherlands and work for Ultimaker. If people are interested, I’m able to print parts for them.


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Your project is very king and very interesting, thank’s, great job from your team.

I’m radio amateur in west part of France (Atlantic coast) and i’m intesting by the different sat project and your project is perfect. I have some parts to make a ground station but is still in case for the moment, now i do find more time in a day :wink:

Have a nice day,

Excuse my poor level in english.


Hello all,

I am Harris from Athens, Greece. I’ve been tracking the SatNOGS project for some time and I want to congratulate everyone involved in this, for bringing it up to top-notch professional quality.

I work with University of Athens as post-doc in Informatics, primarily machine learning, signal processing, image analysis, etc. I am also involved in various ICT4D activities and NGOs that, I feel, would be extremely interested in satellite-enabled software tools in their operations.

I hope I can help in backbone layers in SatNOGS (perhaps signal processing?), as well as ICT4D integrations.


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Hello. I am Marcus from North Carolina (via Ohio). I am licensed as KK4CIW and I am looking forward to building a ground station and supporting the project.

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Good day, everyone! I’m Roman from Moscow, Russia and I’d like to participate the project because of my strong interest about space, physics, electronics and everything around it. Actually, there is no serious experience in SDR, but I think, that skills in PCB, electronics and programming will do.
So, the first step for me is building of station in accordance with SatNOGS manuals and its installation. There are enough tools to start: 3d-printer, electronics lab with measurement equipment and some top-qualified friends of mine.
I hope to be helpful for the project.

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