New users welcome


Hi everyone, i am Xanthos from Athens. I am a member of Dionysos Satellite Observatory of ntua working on GNSS; you can take a look at our activities in this (still “experimental”) website, even though they are a bit “earth oriented”. Speaking on behalf of quite a few members of our team, i would like to express our interest in contributing as individuals, any way you see fit, in this very interesting project. Congrats on your Hackaday prize!


Hi, I am Fotis from Kefalonia, yet roaming in many other parts of the world (Benelux for now). As initiating author of Coffee-HOWTO (the Linux old good times, remember?), I’d consider it a huge success if we can deliver a coffee making order via a satellite message :slight_smile: . I’m glad to follow up the SatNOGs work and see how other people go about it and what applications they may come up with.


Hello guys,

I am Marios from Athens, (a not so regular visitor of hsgr) and ardent fan of FOSS and OSHW practices. Having joined the team a few days ago I would be glad to help in the development of SatNOGs hardware, software and networking. Finally, I prefer working with Python due to its coding clarity.



Hello! I’m Dan White from Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA. I’m an Electrical and Computer Engineering professor and am running a student project to create a satellite ground station over the upcoming spring 2015 semester. There are 5 students taking the project for credit plus several more volunteers.

Besides building the v2 station, we plan on contributing back to the SatNOGS project as our skills allow. There is a mix of both Electrical and Computer Engineering, junior and senior level students. The college has a few in-house 3D printers plus CNC and eventually a laser cutter.

I am a ham (AD0CQ) and the students will all be licensed by the end of the semester.

We are excited to help out with an international project!




I’m Owen (KK4URZ) live in Boston, VA and looking forward to setting up a station after the new years. If I can find someone with a 3d Printer :smiley:


Hello all,

probably a much delayed introduction.

I am Ioannis (JC, Jan), currently living in Netherlands. I am a software engineer and I am currently working on the client module of SatNOGS.

Especially interested in helping people set up their own SatNOGS, and use them actively. Always open to help with custom tracking scripting.


Happy New Year!

I’m Matt from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I’m a maker and love projects like this. I plan on building a one as soon as I finish some of the other stuff I’m working on.



Hello Everyone
My name is Chris, I am from Santiago, Chile.
I have been working on multirotors mostly but I am really interested in Nanosatellites and Satellites communications, I love the hardware side of things, and I love that all your designs are fully mobile.
I will start working on the groundstation antenna, all the best to you guys.
Welcome to South America


Hello Pierros and Sat Lovers,
I am an American living in France since many years. I am a retired Television Engineer.
I am also a radio amateur (F4WBJ and AG6KU). I have worked with satellites all of my
working life. Right now I am only working SO-51 for radio amateur and Eutelsat KA-Sat at 9°E for my Internet connection at my house near St Malo, France.

I would like to work more satellites. How can I get a ground station from you?



Greetings everyone,

My name is Al, I’m k5adb amateur radio operator, entrepreneur, Harley rider, outdoor enthusiast.
I’ve been lurking around the project for a couple of months and it is the main reason for me purchasing a 3D printer this week. I’ve always loved space & electronics form a very early age. This project is very appealing to me and I will be building a couple of units. One will be permanent at my QTH (Home) with automation for data collection, packet and BB forwarding, the other will be for portable use and will be part of my go bags. Looking forward to building and blogging my journey.




I’m Mike Good from Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA. I’m a Computer Engineering student, and I’m very excited to be part of the student project to create a satellite ground station over this spring 2015 semester. I just passed my ham exam, don’t have a sign yet. I have some experience with Arduino and networking code, as well as client design in a few languages. If there’s anything I can do to help that I’m not trying to do already, please let me know!




My name is Ian Ashley and live near Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand.
I would like to help with the SatNOGS ground station and now have a 3D printer to help make the parts.
I have been involved with tracking satellites since 1980.
Regards, Ian ZL1AOX



SatNOGS looks like a great project.

I work for a satellite company in Scotland mostly doing analogue design and automated test but also have a good amount of experience with the digital side (FPGAs). Looking to dive into RF though.

I’m currently working on a home project for a S band phased array receiver and will be interested to see how that could relate to the project as well as helping out the community in any way needed.


Hi all,

I’m Evan, and I’m in Boston, MA, USA right now. SatNOGS seems like a great project and community, and I would love to help out where I can.


  • Mechanical engineering (experience in cubesat, rocket telescope, and consumer 3d printer design)
  • Vibration
  • Thermal
  • Structural
  • State-space controls (still learning)
  • Python, C, C++ developing

I would love to help out with anything that I can. I’ve found that helping with documentation is a great way to start understanding the scope of a project. So I’ll start looking into helping there and then with hardware/ mechanical work as I begin to know more about it.

Thanks for such a wonderful project!




Im Tom from South Africa. Very interested in the subject although pretty much a noob when it comes to rf. Hoping to do my Ham radio license in May and started printing my parts today. Cant wait to it get up and running :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone

My name is Zach, and I am with the group in Valparaiso,IN. We are working on building our station here at Valparaiso University. So far my job on the project has been to find a tracking box. I am currently a 3rd year Electrical Engineering Major.


Hello there this is Alex,

i am a graduated engineer from engineer, and I really like the way SatNogs puts different things together into one very nice project. I aim to build one SatNOGS station and will be there for various questions and improvements on the way :wink:


Hey everyone,

My name is Dylan and I am a newly graduated Electrical Engineer and avid reader of HaD. I currently live in southern Oregon in the USA. I have been following this project for a little while now and recently started digging into the forums. I plan to build a SatNOGS station and get some use out of my newly purchased 3D printer. I’m super excited to be a part of such an inspiring community and can’t wait to get more connected and learn along the way.


Hi Everyone,

I’m Todd, KB1ENW, and I learned about SatNOGS while looking for a homemade antenna tracker to build. I’ve already started acquiring the supplies and parts for the ground station (and was the excuse I needed to finally buy a 3D printer), and my goal is to have it operational for Field Day. I’m sure I’ll be active here as I build and learn more about the project.


Hey there,

name’s Mathis, DB9MAT, and I’m from Berlin, Germany. I’m currently in the process of printing all the parts necessary for building a ground station and will see where to go from there!