Chassis antenna connector

Hello again,

I have (almost) gather everything and I am (almost) ready to assemble my ground station. Just one more clarification, on how to connect the antenna with the equipment inside the box. I got the suggested Turnstile antenna which has no connector attached, so I can choose one connector over another. Should I drill a hole on the box to pass the cable or is there some kind of chassis connector that offers some durability to weather conditions?

Thank you !!

Hey Alex!

Any chassis N-type connector would be great like this:

You can easily find them in the local Greek market (Fanos, Tridimas, Xpatit etc)

Thanks for the prompt reply! BUT :slight_smile: still I am not 100% sure and sorry for being so analytical …
From the one end (outside the box) it will be N-type. what about the other end? Will it be another connector or just raw, connected to the cable?


With the above example you can crimp an RG-58 directly on the other side. Make the length as long you like to route the RF inside the box towards the LNA (or directly on your SDR). I suppose SMA on the other end of the cable should be fine.

Thank you! You’ll see my station on-line within March :wink: