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Hey @alexdem welcome on-board. So there are several options for turnstile antennas in the wiki.

@csete has done some tests on the Wimo TA-1 Turnstile which indicate it is a good option.

Hope that helped. Looking forward to see your station online.


Thanks for the prompt reply!

Price-wise I am between the SAT antenna TA-1 Turnstile and the Arrow II. Do you have any suggestion or info I should know prior to choosing one over the other? The station will be in a not very urban area, if that makes any difference to the choice.



I’ve got the Amsat uk one and the SAT TA-1 one looks like it beats it hands down.Arrow will need pointing manully to work really although it is argually a better performer.

My advice (and I’m sure you’ll get lots of ‘advice’) is go for the TA-1 if you’re having a go with a no rotator version.


Thanks @g7kse for the advice!


no problem @alexdem. Hopefully you’ll be up and running in no time


Hello again. I will go for the Wimo TA-1 Turnstile, however I am not sure on what connector I should install. I asked at the customer support, and I was told that the antenna comes with no connector and I should install it my self.
The choices are N connector-solder-RG-58, N connector-crimp-RG-58, PL connector etc.

  1. Should I choose one type of connector over the others?
  2. Is it easy to install the connector myself or will I add great signal loss? I am handy with cables and soldering bur definitely not a pro!



If you can use a soldering iron, I’m sure you can do the PL connector. It’s not that critical on VHF and you have to learn it anyway :wink:

Crimping usually gives better results but it requires a crimp tool with the right size.


Thanks @csete once more!


@g7kse sorry i forgot to reply. Thanks for the tips. When you are talking about compact antenna, is there a link from the satnogs wiki with some informations ?


@deckbsd there are a few types to choose from. @csete has a write up about the wimo TA1 which looks like a great buy . Better than the Turnstile I got from AMSAT uk but mine was cheap as chips, nearly half the price


Hello everyone! My name is Umair, and I’m a computer science student at Portland State University in Oregon. I learned about SatNOGS through the Portland State Aerospace Society, which is building and launching OreSat (a 3U CubeSat). I’m excited to join the community, help out, and learn a lot of stuff along the way.


@ukhan Hello :slight_smile: Welcome to satnogs.


Welcome @ukhan sho ut up if you need anything. Try the wiki first off and see if that helps you, otherwise the IRC / Matrix channels are quite busy


Hi everyone,

I am AlexV / asmodehn, Software Engineer, working on distributed systems wherever I can find them (robots,Web backends, video games, etc.). I am currently involved in Open Source robotics software and I am interested to learn the needs of space related projects, when it comes to software.


Hi @asmodehn – welcome to SatNOGS! You might want to look at the issues list for the SatNOGS organization in Gitlab – the client and server are written in Python, but there’s also Ansible for the client configuration and C++ for the GNU Radio module. There’s always a lot to do. :slight_smile:


Hello all, my name is Cody Skinner, and I am from just north of Atlanta, GA. I’m a coder (Java, C#, Python) and an Amateur Radio operator (WX4WCS). Hoping to put some of these skills to use :slight_smile:


@asmodehn Welcome to satnogs ! i really like your day of the tentacle avatar :stuck_out_tongue:


Enjoy playing with SatNOGS @cskinner. There is a lot to get your head round but feel free to ask anything. There is a load of good info here, the wiki and on IRC / Matrix. Shout up up you need anything


Hello everybody!My name is Zhou kun .I’m from Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.The hometown of callsign is BG8DIV. I just love the SATNOGS and interested in satellites and telemetry .
The Chinese New Year’s bell is about to ring,and 2018 will soon begin.At this beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new,I would like to wish you all happiness,peace and health in the New Year!


Happy Chinese New Year!

I’m glad to see your post, as I watch your station in dev for some time.

Welcome and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues, questions or remarks, either here in this forum or in irc channel #satnogs at freenode irc server. The irc channel is also available in app which is a client.

I wish you the best for the New Year!