New users welcome


Welcome Lowell, If you need any help then just ask.

If you let us know what the status is of the project / where you are with all the parts then I’m sure we can help you get it together without too much bother.

The IRC / Matrix channels have a lot of chat so drop in and make yourself known.



Thank you Alex, I will know more next week when my school resumes and I have time to inventory the parts.




My name Severino, from Caracas - Venezuela. I am a radio amateur with a good amount of experience. I have worked satellites via digital and phone, as well as some telemetry reception.

It has a small station with equipment to operate in VHF, UHF and HF, also equipment for SDR with Dongle FuncubePro+.

Searching the internet I came across this interesting project and I hope to collaborate with my captures.

I have experience in linux servers, windows, rapsberry equipment among others.

Greetings - 73!


shout up when you need it


Evening Severenio. Sounds like you’re almost there with SatNOGS. The great thing about this project is it doesn’t take a lot to get started and have a groundstation up and running. There are quite a few that don’t have repeaters and use simple turnstile antennas through to full on ground stations. The key is to get you going as quickly and simply as we can.

Let us know if you need anything. If you’ve not had a look at the wiki then please do. Should should be reasonably familiar with what is in there. If not then just ask!




I’m a liscenced radio operator wanting to build this where do I even start


Hi and welcome. A good starting place is the getting started page in the wiki: if you have questions or ideas you would like to share with the community don’t hesitate to ask around in this community forum or at our the #satnogs room at IRC Freenode or Matrix (here is a handy link for that



My name is Gert Jan and I am from the Netherlands. I am a radio amateur with an interest in satellites and software defined radio. I wanted to do more with receiving ham radio satellites and came across SatNOGS which looks to be a nice piece of software. I am already busy installing it on a Raspberry PI3.

Gert Jan


God to hear it Gert. You know where t come if you need any questions answered.


Alex, g7kse


I am Geoff and got interested in amateur radio by buying an RTL-SDR and playing with SDR#. I now have ADSB receiver and have set up a receive only APRS I-gate. I’m probably more interested in building a UHF/VHF static station initially.


Hi @KG5SPG, and welcome to SatNOGS!



I found that i missed this introduction topic. So let’s go; hi, i’m julien from Belgium. I’m a .net dev during the day, and geek the rest of the time, interested in many (too many) subjects like Radio (currently studying for ham license) / Security (C/C++win32 and reverse engeneering mostly) / crypto currencies / containerization (Docker mostly) / electronics / photography / …

So in terms of radio, i have a DIAMOND D-130NJ Type-N discone antenna linked to a funcube pro+ dongle with RG-8 coax. But due to my actual house i can’t let all the stuff connected all the time and that’s sad. But in a near futur i should be able to provide a turtle for the satnogs networks :blush: So at this time i want to contribute to the network in term of code :smile:

I’m going to stop writing :slight_smile: if you have any questions…


Hi Julien, there is more than one way to skin a cat (or so the macbre saying goes). There are some really compact antennas available if you fancy having a go.

Welcome to the never ending search for the ‘best’ antenna / receiver setup


Alex, g7kse


Hi all —

Travis here. Originally from California, but I’ve lived in London for nearly two decades.

I’m a consultant to the space industry, and deal with a lot of satellite projects, mostly around data networks. Here’s the announcement of a project I’ve been working on as an example:

I’m also a FOSS evangelist, member of the FSF, EFF, and Usenix. So the intersection of free and open source software (and hardware) is very interesting to me. Especially with the increase in low-cost launch facilities and smallsats — I think the satellite world is at a huge turning point.

Anyway, pleased to make your acquaintance!

Travis Mooney
Headman and Founder
Dilettantism Limited
Cloud Familiar and SatConsultant
Skype: ttmooney


Greetings from another Usenix member, @ttmooney!


Hello, My name is Shuaib I’m from Saudi Arabia. I was first introduced to SatNOGS by my professor AlJohani. We’re building a GS as our graduation project. Hope we be the first GS station in Middle East.


Hi @lazzyrabbit, and welcome to SatNOGS!


Hello all, my name is Mateusz and i am member of “Robotic Association SKALP” Gdańsk, Poland. Together with my colleagues we want to build SatNOGS station as a next project of our group. We are much better in 3D printing and programming than SDRs so expect many silly questions about that :smiley:. We have established meeting every Saturday around 6:00PM CES. In upcoming week we should start some Facebook page to share our progress (or maybe somewhere here, on forum).
Wish Us luck :slight_smile:


Hi @Mateusz and welcome. A couple of things…get printing…get building :wink:

Seriously, there is plenty of advice available here and on IRC/Matrix. The wiki has some good advice. I recommended to another group about having a no rotator ground station running as well as building the rotator, that way you can get the ground station on the network and understand that whilst you’re building.

Any help you need, just ask



Hello everyone,

this is Alexandros from Greece. I recently attended a seminar of yours, at SGT ( and I found it really interesting!!
I am therefore gathering all the required equipment to join the network with a ground station of my own.
I have gather almost everything (or so I think) but I cannot find info regarding obtaining an turnstile antenna. Is it something I can/should buy or is it something DIY?

Thank you in advance for the help