New users welcome


I am embedded software engineer.

I made my own qfh antenna, and am using satnogs client running on a laptop for testing purpose. Runs :+1:.

I tried running setup on pi zero, both fedora and raspbian and have not been successful. I have a beagle black which I could use, but I have not found good documentation on how to setup client on it.
Is there any good information on how to make a turnstile antenna for 145.5 MHz.

I am excited to be a part of satnogs network. :+1::+1: to the satnogs community. You all rock.


Hey good folks – my name is Hugh Brown, and I live in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. I grew up interested in short wave listening, but never took the dive into either ham radio or a more serious listening rig; instead, I became interested in computers, Linux, system administration (my career) and FLOSS. A while back I tripped over the SatNOGS project and was fascinated…so here I am, new 3d printer in hand and beginning to assemble the V1 helical antenna and looking for a place to colocate the rig once assembled. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all!


Hi all!

I’m Lorcan I study in the UK and have a huge interest in cubesats and ground stations. I came across SatNOGS working on an internship for a company in Luton. I love the idea. I intend to build one of these for myself in the coming months to help my University get its cubesat project off the ground. I could really use a hand, as I’ve read a lot of the documentation on the wiki etc and it seems to be pretty incomplete. I look forward to working with you all and hopefully patching up the documentation during my build to help make the community more accessible for all!


I am Don K2GNR. Been a ham since 1953. Have been living in Arizona for 40 years but kept my original call. I am an avid builder and coder. Run linix exclusivly on main machine and use a mix of arduno ,raspberry pi other micro controllers. Am interested in satellite tracking, having started in college working fo rthe school research foundation tracking sputnik. Like to build stuff also and have ordered a 3D printer
to build rotator. Have an rtl-sdr as wel as a Icom R7000.



my name is Manuel and I’m from the area around Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Germany). Well I bought my first RPi a couple of years ago to build an onion router. I’m still trying to get into Python. In summer I started to collect ADS-B data and recently found SatNogs.

Atm I’m trying to build a tracking station (RPi3/fixed antenna). If all goes right I’ll try more and get into the rotator business.

But much more I’d like to learn more about Python and hacking the Raspian, cuz I’d like to use more than 1 SDR/antenna on it.


Hello everyone. Just joined. My background is mathematics, with an interest in physics, astronomy, and space travel.
I think with many perhaps millions of amateur radio observers working together the scientific returns can even succeed those of the most sensitive radio telescopes we have now.

That is one of the goals I want to discuss on the forum.

Bob Clark


Hi I 'm Greg Wellington M6ORT. I am a ham radio operator in Southgate, London, UK. I also am just starting out in WXSat reception. I have been following various people getting involved this project so thought to take a look myself. Hoping that over time I will be able to set up a ground station.


Hello! I’m Jo MW6CYK from North Wales UK. Interested in all things Satellite, rocketry and space. Newly interested in supermarket hooliganism introduced to me at the amazing OSCW17 by the Libre/Satnogs team. :wink:



I’m Chuck Chivers VE3VSA. I live in Sarnia Ontario. I saw your booth at Dayton (Xenia) this and was intrigued. I would like to build my antenna and rotate system to use for satellite work and also to contribute to your project. I will start accumulating the parts to build the rotate & antenna.

73 for now.

Chuck VE3VSA


Welcome all, anyone need any help to get started?


Howdy, I’m Herman, Canadian, ex-army signals officer, currently living in Al Ain, UAE, on the edge of the ‘empty quarter’. I would like to set up a small (simple as possible - kinda hard to get anything here!) system to receive Meteor M2 images and use it as a training tool for my young engineers.

At this point, we have two RTL-SDR dongles, two HackRF One widgets and built a 137 MHz turnstile receive antenna from measuring tape. We tried receiving something from the NOAA polar sats and we heard some noises but haven’t managed to get a picture yet. Nothing is ever easy!


Welcome Herman,

The simplest setup that gives some good results is documented here.

You can find more information on how to build a station in

Also feel free to join our irc channel #satnogs in freenode either by an irc client or using a matrix client that is bridged with irc.


I currently have a no rotator setup with a simple turnstile I got from Amsat uk shop (it is a German supplier I think caller Winkler), raspberry pi 3 and RTL dongle. Output is acceptable have a look at GS33 in th production environment. When I get the rotator working I will set that up somewhere with a better view of the sky.

It is a very quick setup. Shout up if you need any help.

Alex, g7kse


Hi all

I just saw the #34c3 talks by Pierros and Nikos (

Really impressive :slight_smile:

After looking at the site, I think I already have everything needed to set up a non-rotational ground station here in Germany.

I built a QFH antenna a few months ago and now I’m inspired to put it to use.

I’ll work my way through the material and see how it goes.




Welcome Karsten,

The best way to start is in satnogs wiki and if you have any questions/comments/suggestions feel free to reach us here or in our irc channel #satnogs in freenode which is also accessible through


Awesome, thanks fredy

I’ll spend the weekend… Oh, hang on! It’s New Year… Scratch that.

I’ll spend next week setting up the gear and testing/tuning my home brew QFH.

The Pi and SDR are sorted but running a CAT 5 cable to the attic will be a challenge.

I should be ready to join you in the IRC by next Thursday (18:00 UTC, right?)

I’ll try to finish reading the documentation before I start asking questions.

So far, so good.

Thanks again brother



hello every one,

I’m Lionel, french ham radio (F4HKB). I’m part of the radio club F6KOP of Provins near Paris.
First of all, i would like to congratulate you for libre space community and satnogs. It’s amazing !
Sometime ago, i tweet some pictures from our project 10 Ghz u/shf transverter.
And i receive message from Eleftherios Kosmas who ask me to do a little post on this project created by F6BVA. I start the translation if you are interested. Just let me a little big time for that.
Beginner in electronics I attacked two big pieces: satnogs and F6BVA transverter. but I have good teachers :wink:
Nice to meet you 73 !


Bon soir Lionel et bienvenue a SatNOGS (thats about my limit with Francais at the moment). If you need any help then just ask. The IRC / Matrix channels can get you a quick answer if you need it. Transverter sounds very interesting


Alex, g7kse


Bonsoir Alex merci beaucoup,
i’ll make a post about transverter with translate documentations.
thanks for your welcome.

73 Lionel


Hello, I am a physics & aerospace student at Metropolitan State University of Denver in Colorado, USA. I am planning to continue a SatNOGS project that some previous students started and I am hoping to get it operational sometime in the next 2-3 months. I am looking forward to contributing to what sounds like a very exciting project.