SatNOGS exhibit at Chabot Space and Science Center (Oakland, CA)

SatNOGS has made its museum debut at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California (USA). This is a part of their new exhibit, “Going The Distance: Our Reach Into Space”

I was there last week and took a few pictures. @morgan gets all of the credit for designing and building this exhibit. I think it gives us a lot of ideas to build off of in our educational dashboard thread.

Their mission control exhibit, with SatNOGS on the wall to the right.

Displays are animated showing the building of a waterfall, decoding of a NOAA image, and overhead satellite position. This animation gets replayed over and over.

QR code takes visitors straight to

Good job, Morgan!


@fredy you remember the animation you did showing all observations globally over a period of time? One of the ideas we discussed adding to this exhibit would be an animation of the last 24 hours of observations for the station. How hard would it be to dynamically create such animations and have them show up on a station page?


This is the vis I was referring to:


@morgan Congratulation for the exhibit and thanks for presenting SatNOGS!

@cshields I have some ideas about that… however didn’t have much time to analyze or try them. My main idea is to convert some queries in mysql to views and expose those data through the api. The same data could be used to create some graphs to station page.

Another idea, which is something I like more and more daily, is to move metadata from network to influxdb and create some grafana dashboards (with maps and other graphs) for network and/or for each station and visualize these metadata.

Not sure if I can try anything until the end of October due to other priorities, however If anyone wants to experiment with data from the network, feel free to ask me for them. I can fairly easily generate a csv with these data, which someone would gather them through multiple api calls.


Yes, let’s do this!!


This looks awesome! Great job.


Wow! Congrats!!!