One year satnogs network data


It is nice to see station coverage based on demoded data but it is better to see what network can track through time.

Starting on 27th August 2017 from observation 14410 network was able to demod data. Almost 1 year demoded data day by day with different colored trails which show the satellite height:

The video was created with the help of You can perform your experiments by downloading this json file (link to external file hosting service) and go to demo and load the downloaded json file.

For example try to increase the 1 day period in animation… or remove this filter and use heatmap instead of point. Check the data which contain lat/lon/alt of satellite, time and satellite name.

Disclaimer from these data points are missing NOAA and SSTV ones, also few of the points are invalid demoded data.

Feel free to share here the results of your experiments.

Special thanks to @manthos for this idea and letting me know about!


This is so cool i see my station in middle east. Hopefully soon we will cover while earth or at least the land areas. Well done


I actually followed @fredy 's suggestion and showed him so he suggested I share that here.