Price/source of Ball Bearings 6007ZZ 35x62x14mm


For the specified axle bearings (6007ZZ) I found the following source as the cheapest on eBay:

Still 27USD for 4 bearings… I wonder if there are cheaper sources?

Thanks in advance,

Hey David, here @cshields, suggests different sources for parts, but i think that they don’t include the shippings for Europe.
Also you can see this thead, @kd8qwt uses 5 skate ball bearings (608zz) radially around the tube, you can try to build this if you want to reduce the cost.


The skate bearing mounts I created are designed for a 63.5mm aluminum tube and a much larger rotator. The most that would fit around a 35mm pipe is 3 bearing mounts. The existing Satnogs bearing plate would need to be modified for the radial hole patterns. Given the height of the skate mounts, there probably isn’t enough room to mount them inside the the housing. Skate bearing are sealed, so perhaps they would be fine outside the rotator housing. There is a 3D printed ring that bolts to the tube and rides between the skate bearings. This prevents the tube from sliding sideways. I’m not sure how it could be attached to the PVC pipe. Perhaps PVC glue could hold it in place. They don’t look it, but they are quite strong. I’m able to apply my entire weight to the tube and there’s no flexing. I only use one set of skate bearing for the AZ rotator. A 1" 4 bolt flange bearing holds the weight of everything. 3D printed parts used eSUN PETG filiment. The center bolts are 8mm x 45 and the mount holes are 6mm.

You are free to use these and change them however you wish. I’m not sure how much it will reduce to cost of the 35mm.ID bearings, if at all. For a 63.5mm tube, it significantly reduced the cost.

Here are the files. There is also a bearing spacer that keeps the skate bearings apart.

Skate Mount pic

Skate mount stl

Skate bearing spacer

Skate mount source