US v3 part sources

I’m throwing this into a thread on discourse as there may be need for a discussion around better part sourcing. Here are the sources and costs for v3 parts I have ordered so far (it is assumed that the printed parts are handled elsewhere)

20/20 t-slot, 3 of these (1220mm) will cover the needs for the rotator, from Amazon, $43 with shipping:

I went to for the metrics nuts and bolts (socket m5, socket m3, set screws, etc). I spent $39 here including shipping but that also included a bit of extra hardware for spares and electronics mounting.

NEMA17 motor mount, $10 with shipping:

Small timing pulley x2 ($6 total):

Large timing pulley x2 ($6 total):

PVC ball bearings x4 ($20 total):

Worm gear ball bearings $3:

Small timing belt, $3.50:

Large timing belt, $3.80:

2020 hidden inside corner bracket x36, $33 with shipping:

I have not bought any slot-6 nuts, rather half height M5 nuts and washers in conjunction with

Hope this helps,


Just wanted to point out, I bought the same corner brackets and tslot, but the corner brackets are a little too big for the t slot. I’m getting it around it by grinding down the t slot.

I’ve been looking for a source for this one. Is this the correct bracket (EU-2020 Model)? I’m not sure if it fits an M5…

EU-2020 is the correct model. Take a look here, it is almost the same that we used in v3.1 rotator.

Thanks for the help. The link you sent me to looks like a great alternative. I found a source with the slot 6 but they’re low in stock. I may have to use those B-types.