New users welcome


Hello there,
My first name is Hubert, borned in 1967 and I am a ham radio since 1986. My callsing is F5MZE.
I live in the nothern part of France near the belgium border.
I have just discover the project this evening.
It seems very interesting for me, especially the building of a rotator.
Of course, many questions are still in my mind after reading the beginning of the project, but I think I will soon find the answers by reading the next steps.
Next step for me : knowing the minimum dimensions of 3D printer’s table. Santa is coming soon and I don’t want he bring me a too short 3D printer.
See you soon guys, merry christmas and happy new year.


My name is Brennan , I’m in Central Otago, New Zealand, I’m very interested in building a satnogs setup, I was a Ham operator a long time ago and have built several 3D printers, I can help supply sat coverage for this lower part of the planet.



Hi all,
I’m John, nz0s. I’m in the research phase of building a ground station. I have plenty of questions, which I’ll post in a separate message.


Welcome @ZL4VBJ and @somheil,

Feel free to ask any question here or in our irc channel #satnogs in freenode. The latter you can access it through irc client or through bridge by using a client like which keeps also logs when you are offline.


Hello everyone,

My name is Stefano I’m in central Italy, in Ham Radio since 2014, started listening to AMSATs last year with my Elk antenna and Kenwood TH-F6a Radio. Trying to not to go crazy in the amateur radio satellite frequency maze :wink: Helping an iOS sat tracking App developer double checking his database.

A SatNOGS network Login would be useful, thanks in advance.

Stefano (IUØDFT)


Hello All,

I am on board to research building an antenna tracker for upcoming balloon launch during August eclipse in U.S. I happen to be right along the line of longest duration and thought no better time to launch. I hope to stream video over ATV, so I am looking for a way to automatically have antenna track the balloon.

I have a 3D printer, so build isn’t an issue, but I’m fuzzy on how to get coordinates from balloon to antenna control. Hopefully, with some research here, I’ll figure it out.


Hey @IU0DFT !

You don’t need a network login to get the info from DB. The API is publicly accessible:

Let us know if you need any more help on that.


Welcome @joatman !

Early on the SatNOGS project we had some hackish code to do balloon tracking based on APRS beacons and predictive path calculations for next balloon location. Unfortunately this has not been maintained thus would not work with the current satnogs-client. How is your python? Would you want to try hack on it?


Hey Folks,

my name is Patrick, my callsign is DL4PD and I am located in JO30cr!
Why did I join SatNOGs? I’m interested in “working the birds”, but currently my shack is not that equipped to run a “real” sat-station. I am looking forward to build one of the rotators developed here.

Running gpredict for a while now, I got involved in “hacking” when I baught one YAESU FT-847 some months ago now. First I wrote to the mailing list run by Alex, @csete, and he asked me to write some setup instructions for this radio. See the newly written article in gpredict category…

Hope to get some inspiration and to find some “beta-testers” in here :wink:



Hi Pierros,

I’d like to propose a DB edit on LILACSAT-2 FM Transponder downlink frequency according to this AMSAT official info and personal observation:

for this I do need a login :slight_smile:

73 Stefano (IUØDFT)


Hey @IU0DFT !

Welcome to the community! Please see the instructions here on how to submit suggestions and changes on SatNOGS DB.



Hi, here EB1AO, Jose… building a groundstation satnogs v3 from IN52PE


Hello, people around call me George, I am studying as electronic engineer and i am an amateur ham radio since 2015,i am interested in robotics , and automation.

hope to meet you all :slight_smile:


Name here is Lee and located 15 miles west of Washington, DC. (FM18HX) Been a ham around 30 years and worked just about every mode available. Worked Oscar satellites many years ago and now got back into Sats. Also starting to build an EME station which is new for me.

There is a big Amsat and NASA center in the area
so suprised there is not more interest in Satnog from this area.

I think this is a fantastic project and interested in learning more and getting involved.

Lee - N2LEE


Hi Stefano,

I went ahead and made this correction in db. Like Pierros said, please do sign up for an account and help us with future corrections. Click the “Sign Up” button in the top-right of the site


Hi Corey,

I tried to sign up for an account on the website but like two hours ago but I get no email confirmation message. Can you please check. Thanks




I sent you a PM to figure this out :wink:


Hello All. A bit late on the thread i guess. But gotta start.

My name is Sagar Howal. I am a fresh out of college electrical engineer from Mumbai, India. I am looking forward to make a ground station of my own. This project seems overwhelming to me but I guess once I dive into it, things will start getting clear. I am trying to get my hardware ready for the rotator as of now. I’ll be annoying a lot of you guys to learn and implement the software part. So sorry in advance for that. :sweat_smile:

I am looking forward to make valuable contribution to this project once I mature with this community. Glad to be here. :slight_smile:


Yes, my name is Jacques Roux. South African expat living in Saudi Arabia. I just love the SATNOGS idea. I am all open source. Limited software skills, but avid RF electronic engineer. I am a radio amateur (ZR1ADC) still trying to get Saudi callsign, but just listening at the moment. I follow mostly the nSIGHT-1 satellite and trying to build an automated GS at home. Like to fix RF things and always want to pay the best price for my equipment.


Hello, my name is Nicholas Knouf (KC1EKK). I’m a media scholar and media artist who is interested, among many other things, in space, satellites, cube sats, radio, radio astronomy, and SETI. In fact, I’ve written some generative poetry for the Pebble smartwatch that creates poems based off of what satellites are above you (in a project entitled “On your wrist is the universe”). My media artworks have involved extensive programming and hardware development, so I’m confident I’ll be able to build the SatNOGS project. I’m intending it to be a mobile groundstation where I’ll be able to set it up and take it down as necessary, and use the data collected for generative audio compositions. Looking forward to learning more from this community. Thanks for everyone’s hard work.