New users welcome


Hello Everyone,

My Name is Robert and am licensed as W0QFW
From SW Missouri, Just NW of Springfield.
Really looking forward to building a station and hope I can be of some help to the community.

Robert, 73 de W0QFW


There is a LOT of demand for this in STEM education, especially at the high school level (think of all of the high schools that host seismographs today). We have had a lot of teachers reach out to us about this. However what we are missing right now, from the client-side, is how to make this visually interesting and informative to students. There is work on a web user interface for the client ongoing so that is a start, some kind of STEM “dashboard” that could be displayed in a high school hallway would be the ticket here.


Hi! Mi name is Ignacio, i’m an electronic engineering student from Argentina.

Hoping I can get a decent ground station here in Latin America and in the future maybe get a CubeSat in orbit :wink:

Thank you for all the hard work in making this something accesible for hobbyist!


Hello, I am Jean-Marie (John) F5VLB ex ON4EU. I am based in IN88IN north west of France, in Britany, at 200m altitude. Ham radio since 1973, space minded since 1957 (I was 6 years) and finally retired since 30/6/2016 (yes to morrow).

So now I will have time to unpack all my stuff here and set my ground station. I have a Yaesu G5500, 1 crossed yagi 144 and the same in 432MHz plus others antenna including two dishes.

I am reading your site and try to find my way how I can be helpful for your community and do a good job.

So I will contact you again in some days, the time for me to pass the frontier between work and liberty and when I am installed in my new home.

Best 73’s from France



Hi. I have no experience in the subject (yet) and it is difficult for me to decide if this really works.

I.e. if it is possible to receive something useful with just a (reasonable) Uda-Yagi antenna and a RTL-SDR dongle connected to a Raspberry Pi?

Shouldn’t you choose an easy target as ISS APRS ( ) and show from A to Z how (well) it (repeatedly) works, instead of presenting a lot of unchecked satellite recordings (where, as a NOOB, I just hear noise)?



@xof thanks for the suggestions! You are actually absolutely right. I think as the project grows more and more people with probably less experience on satellite tracking are willing to join. Thus we should be able to provide nice guides and walkthroughs explaining the basics (with results!). ISS APRS is a good example!

We should be working on those soon (after we deliver the satellite we are building).


Hi everyone!

Wow markdown comments, I like this!

I *joined just a month ago or so and just finding time to assimilate all the great information here. I work in the industry and I volunteer remotely for Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. We are interested in adding our ground station to the network, and I’m going to try to build my own to contribute as well.

Looking forward to engaging with all of you!



Hello everyone!

I have just joined today and am excited to be a part of this community. I am from Colorado and I am working with three other students at Metropolitan State University of Denver on an internship this semester. We are planning on building a ground station and a CubeSat as well. We were in a class last semester and built CubeSats in that class, but we were all still very interested in it and wanted to work on another one and also work on a ground station. We are all new to this, but we look forward to learning more about it and working and building!



o/ satnogauts!
I’m the operator of my pocket calculator and I’ve been following you since the beggining…
I like to watch this community growing and maybe I have to contribute some great ideas
Lets make the wild-open space a really nice place to live!


Hello! I am Jeff. I have worked in the communications and satellite industries as an electrical engineer (resume available upon request :smile: ). been lurking here for a while but would like to contribute to the project. Let me know how I can help.


My name is Max Lavigne representing Space Concordia Ground Station in Montreal Quebec. Our organization is currently looking to upgrade all our equipement and would like to meet the requirements needed to participate in the Satnogs Community. I would really appreciate if someone could forward me the documents concerning the software and hardware requirements along with any pertinent information. Our team is very eager to be a part of Satnogs.


Max Lavigne


Hey @all new people!

As we have more and more newcomers we think it would be good to host an open hour with the SatNOGS team to answer your questions and get you started.


Please reply for the next community call


Much appreciated, looking forward to it!



I’m from South Africa.

I have wanted to play with sats from when I became a ham (2005). This is the project that I find interesting and want to start playing with.

My time frame is about 3 to 6 months to build a v3.


I Igor from Russia, Shchigry. I am a radio amateur. My callsign UB3WBC.
Client for windows there?


Hello, my name is Shawn Sloan.
I am a student at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, in Colorado, USA.
I am one in a group of four students who are building a v3 ground station as part of an internship for the school.

We are very exited to work on the project and look forward to expanding the SatNOGS network and community.


Greetings from the Washington, D.C. area!

I’m Matt. I work in space system operations (mostly orbital analysis), and I’ve been meaning to contribute here for quite some time. This project is a great concept and could have a huge potential impact on private/amateur space, so I could not resist getting involved somehow.

I have some experience in programming (Python, C, MATLAB) and a bit of systems engineering. Looking to set up a ground station here soon.


Greetings from another Kiwi.

I’m a programmer by trade in the bioinformatics field with little to no electronics knowledge and a passion in spaceflight since forever. I’m very excited to make a ground station!

@zl1aox I am also in Auckland, would you be keen on collaborating?


For all new users we are hosting a community call next Sunday 2016-11-20. Please vote on time to have the meeting: