New users welcome



I’m David, ON4BDS, hailing from Belgium. Have been a licensed ham radio operator since I was 17 years old, and have been interested in space all that time as well. I have very fond memories working the early Oscar satellites with minimal equipment. I’d like to set up a satellite station again and support SatNOGS at the same time, it looks like a very worthwhile effort in advancing the interest in space. I’m currently attempting to build a v3 set-up, and as I don’t have access to a 3D printer I’m attempting to fabricate rather than print parts. McGyver territory :slight_smile:

Would appreciate it if you could create me a ground station ID number and API key.



Name is Eric a college student majoring in mechanical engineering also a ham radio operator call sign is K8ERS. With a number of satellites out there thought it would be a fun project to do in my spare time. working on building the V2 might do a V3 at a later date. Still have a bit to figure out on the controls side. that being said should have the parts printed by the end of the week.


Hi guys,

I am Sachin from Mumbai, India. I will be building the SatNOGS ground-station with the help of local community here. We will be starting the build tomorrow onward. Looking forward to contribute to this beautiful project. Wish us good luck.
More details coming here: SatNOGS in Mumbai, India

Cheers. :smiley:


Hey Guys,

My name is Dimitris. I’m from Greece but I came 6 months ago in Columbus, Ohio to start a PhD at the Ohio State University. I work currently at a lab as a research associate (ElectroScience Lab).

My research involves Software Defined Radios, RFICs, digital communication systems, spread spectrum systems and coding. Let me know if you would like a hand!

Nice work guys! I would love to meet you one day!


Hello my name is Jonathan and im form Berlin/Germany.

Looking forward to do some groundstation work.

Nice to find a community with such a awsom idea.


Hi All
Name here is David. I am retired military and communication. I done some programming but that was in the late 70’s. I am also a ham radio operator, call is KA5TTZ. I live in a small town in Louisiana called Tickfaw. My interest is satellite tracking. When I came apron you site and seeing how to build a rotor system, I began reading everything I can. I want to learn programming for raspberry pi and arduino. I don’t know anything about the programming side of these devices. Hope to learn a lot from everyone in the community. Thanks.


Hi spacedcowboy,

I’m Fotis, now living in Cambridge.
I have been hanging out with the SatNOGs team since the early days, would be happy to connect.



Hi guys,
i am Beligh from kalaa kebira , Tunisia , i am so thankfull to be present at your nice community . it’s a Honor for me to meet MR Pierros and the other members of SATNOGS, and i think "impossible is nothing " we will make it .



Monroe Lee King Jr. I’ve been involved in quite a few projects including Ardusat and I’ve been working on an amateur network idea for quite a while. I was working with flightradar24 to do something similar (their software runs on the beagle bone white) soft handovers is a big issue.

I’d like to help this project.

The documentation needs help. I can not get a grasp on the scope of this project. Is there an IRC channel or Slack or something I can get on to work with someone directly? I’d like to raise funds to give away some trackers if the scope of this project fits a similar goal.

Contact me


You can find us on #satnogs at Freenode IRC server. I also reached out via email. Welcome!



I’m bored and need something to do. I wish to contribute.



@blackbird Welcome! What kind of contribution are you looking for? Hardware? Software? something specific in our stack?


As I’m new, wherever the most help is needed.

I was interested in seeing if the client could be ported to C++/C, but it seems that culturally Python has been adopted for flexibility and the main targets are the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone.

The GNU radio integration and architecture seems interesting as well!

Skillset wise, I can pick up whatever is needed. I’m not as familiar with more web based application development, so I do wish to hone my skills and learn more about HTML, REST, and those concepts.


Hi all!
I am Hari Shankar here from Pondicherry, India. I am Aerospace Engineer and Design Engineer. I have more interest in space science and technology. Currently work on projects like space debris, satellite and etc.

I have a lot of interest in this project and would love to set up a ground station to help advance the project


HI all! from Western Australia.
Just started the 3d printer up this evening to begin the project :slight_smile: Totally new to all of this, just want a challenge and something for the CV will keep you posted on progress. I am most apprehensive of the antenna build as this is really technical it seems :s



I’m Ricardo, I live in Argentina, Córdoba.
I’m looking for a 3d printer service and making an estimation of costs to build my ground station.
I would like to contribute to the project.


Hi Ricardo,

I used my local FabLab (Maker space) for the 3D printed parts and the rest came from either eBay or searches. It cost around $300 but I made mistakes and had to make a few things twice.

Maybe there is an online 3d print service in Argentina? There are loads in the UK



Hi! My name is Jeff. I live near Philadelphia. I came here because I wanted to pickup data from weather satellites and from the Lightsail cubesat, a project of The Planetary Society.



I am Sudip Kar from India and presently working for a very prestigious mission called Google Lunar X Prize (www.googlelunarxprize,org/teamindus). This Google sponsored international event aims placing a Rover on the surface of the moon, make it move 500m and send back HD pics back to earth. We are sole entrant from India and going very strong along with the other teams from all around the globe.

I am the lead for Avionics and Communications sub-systems and have designed our own space grade SDRs and Ground Stations completely based on SDRs.

I have just signed up and waiting to be enabled from your end.

With best regards,

Sudip Kar


Hey Everybody,

My name is Mitchell. I am a recent electrical engineering graduate interested in communication systems, embedded systems, and software development. I am a big fan of the ham radio community and open source projects so this project seemed perfect for me. I have strong foundations in communications theory, embedded development and PCB board design.

I am living in Colorado Springs, CO and would like to build a ground station. One problem I anticipate is the ability to set up the ground station while living in an apartment. Has anybody been successful in partnering with local school systems or universities to host the ground station? I am willing to fund the project, but I won’t be able to host it at my residence.