New users welcome


Hi Everyone,

My name is Dillon Beresford, and I am from Texas. I’m very interested in the SatNOGS project and would like to contribute at some point. Thank you to the team here for putting together this exciting concept. Looking forward to the experience.



Wow, Tenerife will be a valuable location to have (not to belittle any other location, the idea is to blanket the globe with these stations so each one is necessary - that just happens to be a location that will not have the density of some other locations).

Welcome to the project!


Hello, Everyone -

I am Greg Lindstrom, K5GSL, from Little Rock, Arkansas (USA). I met Cory at the Hamvention – a gathering of over 20,000 HAMS – in Dayton earlier this month and am looking forward to building and contributing to the community. I have programmed Python for over 15 years and teach (part time) at the innovation hub in North LIttle Rock ( and this is something they are going to love!



It’s also a good place to live in. :wink:
Our main purpose is to have a permanent station here.
But as I’ve readed the better option for this is v3.
As we must build the rotators next week, it will be impossible to build V3 But maybe in the future as we are thinking about this like a long term project.

In our team there is people who can help with Django, python, technical documentation, electronics etc…

So maybe we can participate in an active way.With all of you.

Thanks for the receiving all of you are really kind.


Hi, I’m Jack and I live in Peoria Arizona (next to Phoenix). I used to work satellite back in the late 80’s and would like to start again. I’m am Amateur Radio Operator (KA7CMF), so am licensed for all amateur frequencies (Advanced). I have no 3d Printer but would like to build some of the suggested equipment. I also have a DSP-1232 by AEA (Advanced Electroinc Applications) so should be able to up rather quickly if I can get the hardware…



Hi everyone,
I’m David Ortega im from Spain and I’ve been working in the development of a Satelite Tracking Software at university of Valladolid based on Django because of that I’d like to start helping you on programming task. Futhermore I love space and RF communications. I hope I can help.



San Antonio, Texas, signing in.

I’m Matthew House, and I’m a fabrication monkey. I make things. Looks like I’ll be making some of your designs, and testing them for some people. I’ll share my feedback with the group, as I have it. I’m looking foreward to interacting with you all.


Hello, i am Norberto, i live in Argentina.

Se muy poco ingles. Me gustaria contruir esta antena pero por ahora ni idea de como empezar. Ya veremos como sigue.


My name is bob schaefer and I’m from NH. I was the software manager for the LASCO experiment on the NASA-ESA SOHO spacecraft and did some spec review for the ground station-to-experiment interface (the interface spec was terrible but I could do nothing about it). This was maybe 25 years ago, and everything was very, very bespoke and expensive. The concept for having an open source ground station is terrific. Glad to help in any way I can.



My name is Daniel P. Clark of Virginia, USA. I’ve previously been a Python hobbyist developer for about 10 years and I’ve been programming in Ruby solidly for 3 years. I’ve also been a satellite technician for Dish Network customers for 18 months. Communications fascinate me and I really want to get into software development with radio/satellite communications.

I’m not trained in dealing with binary data or the math involved in creating signals but I’m more than eager to learn. I’m pretty intuitive at figuring things out and I’m great at building projects.

I write blogs mostly about Ruby programming at Feel free to check my open source contributions at


Hi Guys! I’m Mário Saleiro from Portugal. After a BSc and MSc in Electronics Engineering I’m now a Computer Science PhD student at the University of the Algarve, focusing on Computer Vision applied to cognitive robotics.
I’m also one of the founders of eLab Hackerspace, in Faro, author of the blog TheBitBangTheory,com (currently on hold until my PhD stops haunting me) and one of the curators for Lisbon Mini Maker Faire 2014 and currently of Lisbon Maker Faire 2015 ( - one of the new Featured Maker Faires in Europe).

First of all, congratulations to the SATnogs team for the amazing work that led to winning the Hackaday Prize 2014! :smile:

We’re building a SATnogs base station at eLab Hackerspace and we hope to contribute to this community, share any improvements that we end up making and also learn a lot of stuff from all of you. Currently we have printed all the parts in our Lulzbot Taz 4 and started the assembly. Also, one of our members (our ham radio wizard) implemented a bandpass filter that is “black magic” to me: I have no idea how it works but I know he’s documenting the whole stuff and the documentation will be available once ready.
We hope to have the base station ready to show it off at Lisbon Maker Faire 2015, in mid-September :smile:


Hi my name is Dimitris. I am an electrical engineer. I know Python and Swift. This is a really cool project and would like to contribute.


My name is Dave Thacker, board member of the Omaha Makers Group in Omaha, Nebraska. I found this project through Ideally, I’d like to host a ground station at our Maker Space in Omaha. My $work is linux system administration. My goal is to present my work on your project at our 2016 Mini Maker Faire.
I’ve been fascinated by space exploration since I was young, and this looks like a great way to keep up my interest.

See you around the virtual campus…




I’m Nathan, KI4HBD, from Tennessee.

I’m a programmer for the most part, but also dabble in electronics and homebrew ham gear as a hobby, so Satnogs looks like a fun project to work with and hopefully contribute on. With luck I’ll have my ground station up in the next few weeks.


Hi all,
Frank, kb1qzh, from Stamford, CT, saying hi!
Started printing V2 a few months ago but didn’t realize V3 wasn’t out. My bad but not too bad. The plan is to make two, one for me and one for CT Hackerspace who is kindly doing the printing for me.
It was great meeting everyone at World Maker Faire 2015!
I’m definitely interested in seeing if a dish can be supported SATNOGS hardware.



Estimado Pierros , agradezco tu bienvenida al Grupo, excelente idea , desearía, saber si podemos extender con un Topic , en español , con el cual estaría, invitando muchos de mis Amigos a participar, somos un grupo de 50 Ham Radio, utilizando Satélites, y no ahi mejor escuela que compartir experiencias.-
agradezco, tu respuesta.-
, Thank you for your welcome to the Group, excellent idea, I would like to know whether we can extend a Topic in Spanish, with which it would be inviting many of my friends to participate, are a group of 50 Ham Radio, using satellites, and not there best school to share experiences:
I appreciate your response


my name is Eduardo, I’m in Buenos Aires Argentina, on the center of Province.
My grid is FF94HJ and i operate over SO-50 and Lilacsat-2.
LU1ECO 73!


I’m Todd Whitmer from San Jose, CA [USA]. I’ve been following SATNOGS for a few weeks now and find it interesting. So I’ve decided to join. I like building things and learning about stuff in the process. I cut my teeth on my first SDR project a few months ago with this (; and while I got it to work, I am less than happy with the overall performance of my system - I need to learn (re-learn) a lot of stuff to improve it. But that’s what makes things fun.

There is a lot of similarity between these projects, and I’m excited about this as well. One thing that I like here is the community that is being built around the project. There is a rich source of info already, and the content has grown in just the short time I’ve been following. So thanks to all the people who are contributing on this effort. Please don’t assume any details are too trivial, some of us are new to all this.

I’ve already started on my V3 Rotator - many 3D printed parts made and other parts on order. The adventure begins!



Welcome! Since you are in the US be sure to print the “-imperial” parts where there are such duplicates.



My name is Jeremy and I live in Texas. I’d been interested in satellite tracking as a good reason to tinker and build something when HackADay hosted the contest last year and I learned about SatNOGS. I’ve recently been given the opportunity to work with university students on a project and suggested that they tackle a ground station build. I’m looking forward to digging into the developments with this platform and hopefully adding another station or two to the network!