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Hi Everyone,

Im Gert Villemos. I have worked in space for 22 years now, as everything from software developer (SCOS-2000 and systems around it), architect (EGOS, knowledge management system, etc), R&D director, BD/sales and organizational manager.

I have worked mainly in the classical domain around ESOC and EUMETSAT, but also with new space solutions for constellations.

Personally themes such as deep future of humankind and the exploration of space will always continue to facinate me.

For the details see Gert Villemos - Venture Team Lead - Yatta | LinkedIn.


Welcome @gertvillemos!

Hi all. I’m an OM since 1972, but I had ~40 years of QRT (job in electronics, so hobby without it).
I was back because of the COVID lockdown, and the passion came back. Satellite and digital mede are my preferred.
73, Pietro


Welcome Pietro @i2oim

Hello Libre Space Community,

I am Nicolas, an engineer with experience in software and hardware (since 2001).

I am heading a group of volunteer engineering and science students, as well as a school, and want to find out if it is realistic for us as a group of hobbyists to get a satellite based on free/libre tech into orbit within the next 2-3 years.


Hello, Nicolas :wave:


Somehow missed this thread…
Hi, I’m Bill Rupp. I am a ham radio operator (N9CQQ). I’ve had station 1539 up for just over 2.5 years now. I am a member of ARRL as well as AMSAT. I love hearing from the teams that use the data that they are able to get from my ground station. That makes this project very rewarding!

I’m an old IT guy by trade.


Love from India :india: :heart::ru:


Welcome on the community pages.

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Hi all!

I’m steward of Space Engineering Guild at MoonDAO.

I’m a professional space engineer (with degree in math&computer science). I’m a huge fan of an opensource approach. I’m founder of LunCo, we are working on opensource requirements management tool based on ReqIF.

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Hi everyone,

my name is Roberto from Italy and I am licensed as iw0ehe.
I mainly deal with the reception of weather satellites in the X-S-L band
and I frequently post on twitter (, I am very familiar with electronic constructions.
I’ve recently become interested in the Satnogs project and I can’t wait to build a Station myself.
Great project!

hello from Roberto, 73 de iw0ehe


Hi all,

I am Paul Madle, a Software Engineer working on open source space software. Currently developing code for an in house developed on board computer. I have interest in CCSDS and am looking to use and contribute to the OSDLP repo (a CCSDS communications stack developed in C code).

Many thanks,



Hi everyone,

I’m Vikram, a builder based in New Zealand working on Watchtower. We’re developing ground stations that reward owners for providing satellite location data in their local area. Been following the SATNOGS and TinyGS communities for some time and hoping we can take OS satellite tracking more mainstream with Watchtower.

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Hi all.

I’m Mark and am a licensed radios amateur from Ireland.
In my professional life I mostly work on Linux systems administration and Python programming (probably more correctly I beat the code over the head until it does something accectable)

I’m hoping to build up a station over the coming month(s)

Hoping to get a basic Omni direction system online within the next few weeks then to work on building out a rotator over the coming months to get a basic direction V/U system online with maybe adding 2.4GHz as well.

Hopefully you will see more form me over time and as I get more comfortable with the system hopefully I can get more involved.


Welcome @ei4fnb!

If you wish you can also join the Libre Space Foundation Element/Matrix chat and the SatNOGS channel too, You are more than welcome to join, introduce yourself and contribute to the conversations.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have,



hello everyone,

My name is Momen, and I’m from Egypt. I’m excited to be a part of the SatNOGS community and to introduce myself.

I’m currently working on a ground station with my colleagues as part of my graduation project in NSST(navigation science and space technology) faculty. We’re looking forward to learning from the community and sharing our progress with everyone.

We’re also hoping to spread the word about the SatNOGS community and encourage others to get involved. We think it’s a great community that’s doing important work, and we’re excited to be a part of it.


open source this and open hype that. but bottom line what are the birds for? Satnogs ???
Multiple ground stations is nice like the WSPR project, reverse beacon project, Funcube stations and NOAA satelite picture reception. All of which I’ve been doing for over 20 years but after 30 minutes looking all over this site i found NO links or descriptions to satellites, payloads , frequencies etc. So is it only a bunch of ground stations and no birds? Then all i get is errors when try to send a note from those sites. Not impressed.

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Hi @doccpu and welcome!

Not sure on which site you looked for links and what are these errors you get and what kind of note you try to send and from what sites. If you can describe them you may give us useful feedback on how to improve the services and the visibility of them.

About the information you search I suggest you look into the main SatNOGS site, and click on all links you can find there for the open data/info.

As for the open source you can go through LSF repository and find all the hardware and software sources for all the projects (including SatNOGS) of LSF.

Let us know in a new thread if you need any further help, or if you look for something specific and you don’t find it.

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Hi everybody,

My name is Ceccon Davide from Italy.
I’m an Embedded Software Developer by passion and work. Currently I work expecially on Automotive embedded projects for develop and test side. I work primary in C, Python and bash scripts; but I love work also with RTOS and study software architectures.
In my spare time I started to build an HAB but I don’t finished yet (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). Also I love make some utils for my farm.
I follow from ~1year the libre space channel on LinkedIn and now I’m here :smile: .
I hope to learn a lot from this space and, if possible, be help in something useful.


Hi, @dceccon87 :wave:

Happy to hear you have been following us on LinkedIn. Feel free to join the conversations here in the Community Forum. If you wish, you can also join our dedicated Element/Matrix channels.
This is the LSF channel:
and this is the link to the SatNOGS channel You can also have a look at the LSF repositories, go through the list of projects and if you see something that is of interest to you, you are welcome to contribute. However, it would be advisable to get in touch with the project’s developer first before contributing actively to any project. You can simply add a comment on the related issue.

That being said, welcome to the LSF community and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or you need any clarifications,



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