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Hey thanks @jebba :grin: - thanks for checking out my work, glad you enjoyed!

Hello my name is Duaij , 9K2DG , i call myself new here because i am still learning from scratch until now . i do not have ground station but i am willing to have one soon . building the ground station from scratch is something important to learn . but first of all i need to understand how other stations listen/decode so that if i have my own station i will be ready and not mess things up . i am really interested in Satellite Technolgies and Amater Radio Satellite cummonications so for me the learning curve is always up . thanks for this community and i hope everyone nice journey :+1:


Hello Montaser @Motolization , nice to have you here , can you give us an update about your project SunewnewSat, the Pocketqube satellite ? it looks very interesting to see your final development regarding your satellite , is the following below is your website ?

keep up the good work my friend

Hello Clemens @DL2ZZ

nice to have you here , it will be great to hear your update on your project to build SatNOGs for your club . it will be interesting to see other enthusiasts progress with building the ground station.

keep up the good work my friend

Tbh: I think this is a dead-end!

If you’re interested in current PocketQubes: see our development of the QUBIK twins and their deployer.

Have a look at QUBIK - Libre Space Foundation



I am Patricia, I work at the African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in English Language, located on Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, (Affiliated to United to United Nations).I was part of the HUMSAT team which was a very exciting experience for me ,but we had some challenges which found immediate answers immediately I found this community. I would be most grateful if my colleagues could also be part of this brilliant community, owing to fact that a lot of your activities are very helpful to the entire outer space community.

Thank you!


Hi, @alstair2021! Welcome!

Thank you for joining our community which is open to everyone who is interested in Space, open-source and Space Technology. Feel free to join the discussions taking place here or ask any questions you might have. You can also join the dedicated Libre Space Foundation element/matrix channel.
And of course, your colleagues are welcome to join. As I mentioned the community and our channels are open to everyone!




Hey, I’m Phil, I am a software developer by trade and I’ve recently become a little obsessed with all things space related. I’d very much like to contribute to this open-source platform so any pointers on where it’s best for a newbie to start will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Phil


Hi @phannant :wave:t2:

Welcome to the Community. It is great to have you here and to see that you are interested in space and open-source.

You can start by joining the dedicated LSF channel on Element/Matrix. Feel free to introduce yourself there as well and state your interest.

I would also suggest that you take a look at the GitLab repositories of LSF. Do keep in mind though, that if you find something you would like to contribute to, before embarking on working on the issue, you need to inform the developer of the project by adding a comment on that issue.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or you need any clarifications,


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Hi, I’m Tassos and I am an aerospace engineer and a radio amateur. I follow up Libre Space Foundation’s activities since 2015 and I must confess that I admire the work that is carried out and its open-source concept. Recently, I visited LSF laboratory in hackerspace’s address in Athens and I had a fruitful talk with a member, Aris Nikas. Being very much interested in contributing to the great work that is performed and to join LSF team, I would like to ask you how this can be possible and if there is any need in the projects of QUBIC, SIDLOC and SatNOGS. Btw, I have already joined the LSF channel on Element/Matrix and I would be happy to contribute wherever it is needed. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,
Tassos Panagiotopoulos


Hi @tassos_pan, welcome to the LSF Community!
This is Nikoλetta from LSF.

Thank you for your kind words, for your interest in the Organisation and its projects and for your interest in contributing to our projects.

Let me start by sharing with you the LSF repositories on GitLab. I understand that you already have some of our projects in mind but here is the full list of all the projects that we have. Some are under active development.
Since you have already joined the LSF channel on matrix/element, I would suggest that you introduce yourself there as well and that you state your interest in contributing. The members there will guide you to the right project.

Hope this was helpful.

Do let me know if you have any questions or you need any further clarifications,



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Thank you very much Nikoλetta for your information and tips! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,


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Hey, I’m Jack, I’m 26. I’m crazy about space, photography and technology. I would really like to find like-minded people and just have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @jackwhite,

Welcome to the Community!

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Plenty of crazy people here so you have come to the right place.
Welcome aboard.

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Can I contact you?

Hi Pierros,
I’m Franco and I’ve been a radio amateur (I0DBF) for a long time. Recently I have been looking into receiving satellite telemetry and now I am preparing the necessary hardware. For now I would like to know, if possible, what I can do to use Grafana dashboard to represent the telemetry data found on the SatNOGS DB database as illustrated on “Dashboard - SatNOGS Wiki”.
Thanks for your help.

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Hey @frank_dbf and welcome! Are you still interested on creating Grafana dashboards?

In order to create a Grafana dashboard you need the decoded data. The satellite data that are in DB are encoded, so we need to create a decoder, currently we use in order to describe the encoding schema. This description is used to generate automatically the decoder that we use. In this repo librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-decoders · GitLab we store the kaitai structures, in the issues of this repo there are pending tasks for creating new structures if you are interested.

After the decoding process, the decoded data are save in a separate database that is used as source for the Grafana dashboards. For giving you edit access you need first to login and then let us know. Edit access will allow you to create new dashboards and also see how the existing ones are built. For better help and coordination I suggest you join the #satnogs matrix channel.