New users welcome


Hi @martinbowman,

Welcome to the community!

For the hamradio part, I suggest you try to build a station. For the development part, take a look at our gitlab repositories.

As projects getting more complicated, don’t hesitate to ask any question you might have. Here are all the ways to contact the community.



Excellent to see people here due to the Hackspace article! Thanks for reading and getting involved.


That’s also how I landed here :wink:
I knew the project from before but totally forgot about it until I read the Hackspace magazine which rekindled my interrest



I’m Jon in Wales. I just found out about the project from an article in Hackspace magazine and had to get involved as I love space and I love making things. I have already ordered a Pi and some of the other bits and am looking forward to getting started.


I’m Kevin Palivec from north central Texas. I found satnogs while researching how to set up a home cubesat receiver. Satnogs lets me do that and more while providing a service! I’m happy to be here!


Prynhawn da Jon bach! Jo here who wrote the article… look forward to seeing another Wales station come online! :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin, welcome aboard! Do feel free to ask questions. :slight_smile:


Ben from Southern California. Was aware of SatNOGS since the Hackaday competition but thought that you HAD to have a rotator. Once I found out (via the wiki) that a stationary antenna was Okay for a ground station, I was all in.


Max ZL2MST here in Nz also , new to ham radio, sdr and sat stuff, good to see another NZ callsign on here



Hey @thebaldgeek - welcome to SatNOGS! I hadn’t seen that wiki page before…thanks for the pointer.


John Paulo from Portugal. Got my pi 2 with satnogs up and running yesterday. Been playing around with RTL-SDR for awhile. Will be contributing to this awesome project. I think i’m the second base here. Gas here is expensive, so i stay home on the weekend. LOL


@lusosec Welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing your contributions.