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thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:


Hello, Nick here.
Novice/amateur electronics enthusiast and hopefully soon a student in electrical engineering. Found out about the SatNOGS project a few months ago, ordered the dongle and the cheapest antenna I could find, getting around to setting up the listening post soon.



The best and quickest way to start :slight_smile:


Yep yep! First thought being to see how to get the station hardware to a somewhat functional level (the wiki is extremely helpful in this regard) and later on improving on the antenna configuration properly.

Thus far, great success! :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I’m an electronics technician and undergraduate Physics student at the Technical University of Berlin. I have a solid background in micro-controllers and communication (IoT), which goes along with a proficiency in C/C++. I would be very much happy to contribute to the Space Packet project during GSoC 2019 as it aligns with my core programming skills and because this project combines my two main interests, space and technology.

Gabriel Schöninger


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Hi Everyone!

My Name is Brandon Escamilla, I am currently studying the last year of Aerospace Engineering at Universidad Marista de Guadalajara, I really like Astrodynamics and everything about space! I am currently working as the leader of a community called Space Explorers in my city [Guadalajara, Jalisco. México]. About my skills, I have experience working with Python, Matlab, JS, C/C++. I would really like to contribute to this “Machine Learning for cubesat awareness and diagnostic” since I have been working as a Data Science developer before.

Thank you!



My name is Manuel Viqueira Moreira, I’m currently writing my Bachelor’s Thesis in computational aeroacoustics for the degree of Aerospace Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
My expertise is Computational Fluid Dynamics and I’ve been working in new data-driven approaches to physics recently. I believe the future of science is open-source and would like to contribute in whichever project that suits my skills. I have experience with High Performance Computing, Fortran, R, Python, OpenFOAM, Ansys, Tensorflow…