New users welcome


Hi all,
I’m Ioanna, a Lisp programmer living in Bonn.

I have some history with amateur astronomy/meteorology but not much. I have limited electronics-tinkering experience, but I’d love to create a ground station on my balcony.


Hi Ioanna,

Welcome to SatNOGS!

I would suggest you start with a no-rotator setup that can easily be built. Then you can move forward to improve or make changes to the station or build another one more advanced.

For any question/comment you can post here or send a message to our live chat channel.


Thank you for the link, Fredy, this looks indeed like a weekend project! :slight_smile:


Hey Ioanna, I think we had a great talk at the LSF booth at FOSDEM! Good to see you here. Jo.


Hi Jo!
Yes it was a good chat, thank you so much for your explanations and pointers. I’m happy to have found this project, and I’m looking forward to my next free weekend to build my ground station. Exciting stuff!


Hello everyone!
I’m Thanasis from Greece, currently studying Computer Science in AUTH. I’m a member of ASAT and specifically a member of the CubeSat project! Really interested in contributing in your project :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you all!


Hi @athatheo - welcome to SatNOGS! I’m jealous that you’re involved in a cubesat project. :slight_smile:


Hello SatNOGS,

We are a group of students of the Astronomy Community from University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. (UTAA is located in Ankara, Turkey.) We have been studying for a few months. Finally, our system became definite and we start to build it. There will be 1 Turnstile for NOAA, 1 UHF-VHF dualband arrow antenna and lastly 1 yagi antenna for Hydrogen Line. All of the antennas will be done in this week. Hopefully, in the end of this month, they will be added into the network.

You can always contact with us via e-mail.

See you soon, as an active station :slight_smile:


Welcome to SatNOGS community!

We’re looking forward to see your stations online!


Hi my name is Ellory (KI7ZWX), I am currently an Electrical Engineering student at University of Washington. My interest areas are in communications and machine learning.

I do comms design for our CubeSat team (SOC-i) and I am here to learn about SatNOGS and hopefully contribute!


Welcome on-board @KI7ZWX I see you already have station #506 on-line feel free to add an antenna on it’s SatNOGS Network when you feel you are ready to test. For more info on SatNOGS take check out the SatNOGS wiki you can also join the #satnogs chatroom at Matrix (via riot) or via IRC at Freenode where many members of community are active.

Looking forward to receive signals from your cubesat!


Thank You. :grinning:


My name is Theodoros Ntakouris, I’m currently studying at University Of Patras, Computer Engineering & Informatics Department.

I like uavs and space. A glimspe of my github at can reveal much more stuff about me, than a couple of lines here would. :slight_smile:

I heard about this at Google Summer of Code, I’m here to write some good’ol low level code.


Hi everyone!
I am Ashish from India, currently studying Aerospace Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. My interest areas are robotics, rocketry and space. Though I have worked on robotics quite a bit, I am new to rocketry :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a member of Aeromodelling Club and participated in IGVC’18.
Really looking forward towards contributing and knowing the community.


Hello :slight_smile:

I am Abhijeet Manhas, Computer Science Engineering undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi- India.

I am Astrophysics enthusiast and I love programming. I have experience of programming in python3, C++ and C. I have done projects on parsing, angular, electron, etc. I am a member of Space Technology and Astronomy Cell (STAC) .

I am looking forward to contribute to LibreSpace.


Hello everyone!
My name is Emanuel and I first heard about Libre Space on the GSoC website. I hope I can contribute with the “PLUTO DSL in Python” project and with anything else I can.
I am a physics undergraduate student at the University of São Paulo, and I love Python and C.


Hello Everyone!
I am Viral, an undergraduate student working majorly in the field of security and data science with a knack to try out new things. I, recently have gained a fair bit of interest in the field of physics & space and have been exploring things inline with them!
I hope my skills can be of use to the community and I learn a bit in the process too!


Howdy. I am Bob Johnson, Electrical Engineer with emphasis in circuit design and power transfer. Business manager with degree in CIS. Part time instructor in electronic principles and programming in C.


My ground station consist of RPi with ThumbSat dongle and dual band VHF/UHF fixed antenna.

My job here is to complain when the guys that are actually doing the work do not work fast enough.


Ericles Lima, applied mathematics student at the University of São Paulo (in São Carlos).

Could somebody tell me what I should do to enter the freenode IRC? It seems to be invitation-only…

As our friend, I’m also interested in Pluto… Naoki Usarawa is a pretty good mangaka hahah now serious, if some of you has any information related to the DSL, I would appreciate it


Howdy to @zarkopafilis, @ashish, @abhijeetmanhas, @emanuellima, @viral98, @bob and @ericles – looking forward to seeing you on the forums!

@ericles: to answer your question about IRC, last time I checked it’s still open – if you’re having trouble joining, try connecting through Matrix (which acts as a web client for IRC):