New users welcome


Hello everyone,

I am Faruk from Turkey. Thank you everyone for this community.

I graduated from electronics engineering in the last month, and nowadays I have enough time to contribute something. I worked as a team leader and a developer on a model sattelite project(CanSat) for my graduation. I enjoyed a lot and now I want to contribute something about space.

I have been interested in computer & electronics since my childhood, so I experienced various technologies and areas. Here are;

  • PCB design,
  • Administration of GNU/Linux servers,
  • I can develop software for ground station or flight automation (C/C++, Python, Java, C# etc.),
  • I can develop libraries for specific communication protocols like i2c, SPI, UART etc.
  • Preparing presentation, banner etc.

Feel free to assign me any piece of task, I will be glad to contribute.

Best wishes.


Mr. Baris, seeing you here made me happy :slight_smile:

Best regards.


Hi @unalfaruk - welcome to SatNOGS! There are a lot of issues listed on the Gitlab repositories for SatNOGS, and day-to-day discussion happening on the Matrix channel. I look forward to seeing you there!


Thank you for replying. Now, I know what I can do. I’ll analyse the repository and try to solve issues :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I’m Didier from middle France (near city of Nevers in Burgundy), ham radio operator F5SNV since 1991 and SWL since my 8 years old…
I’m radio technician for the firefighters in my department and like all applications of radio with computers , APRS sysop and FR24 ADSB contributor (FR24 box and RPi+FlightAware blue).
My SatNOGS station is online with RPi3, RTLSDR V3 and VHF horizontal dipole for testing (hombrew turnstyle soon), but very difficult to start with scheduled observations and positive results…

73’s de F5SNV Didier


Hi @F5SNV welcome to SatNOGS and the greater Libre Space community. Looking forward for your permanent setup. I guess a successful turnstile will be a significant improvement. Additionally you might also want to add a LNA on your setup.


Hey @F5SNV,

Welcome! I can see that your station is 271 but I can not see any observation. Have you scheduled any?

Feel free to join our chat in matrix or irc, you can find more details about it here. Debugging with the live chat help is easier :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies, LNA is on my desktop, received today.
I have scheduled observations but some more mistakes in the log, I joint the chat for debug.

See you



Hello everyone !

I’m Pierre from France (living in Paris now). I’m currently studying Computer Sciences (first year) at the 42 school and I want to become a Machine Learning Engineer. I love space !

I am very interested in the satnogs project and I want to build my own station with some friends and schoolmate as soon as possible.

I still have a lot of questions about this project so I’ll check if I an find answer in previous posts. If not I’ll create new one.

I can also help with the coding part when I’ll finished my internship. For now I am a bit too busy :slight_smile:


Welcome Pierre, There’s plenty of info on the wiki. If that doesn’t work for you then ask anything you want.

Do you know what kind of station you would like to build?



Hi g7kse !
I don’t know what kind of station we will build for now.

I just talked about building one to some schoolmates and friends and they are as enthusiastic as I am.
We must look for options and then we will decide. Do you have any advice about it ? :slight_smile:


I guess it would depend on your expertise, but in general a static (non-rotator) GS is the simplest to construct. Especially if you go with the reference design (RPi3 + RTL-SDR + Antenna). There are a few GS that follow this. There are both VHF and UHF ones, that is a choice you’ll need to make as that will drive the antenna choice.

I am biased but my GS is a RPi3 + NooElec SMArt dongle + Wimo TA1 turnstile antenna. The results are good for what you put together. Obviously the rotator set up will be higher performing but needs a greater investment.

My advice is to get yourself setup with the minimum of work, for me that is a non-rotator, then build up to a rotator setup.


Hi all,

I am Attilio from Germany.
I am a radioamateur with the callsign DL1UNX. As I work in the space field I am definitely interested in this project, although I am not in the best conditions to be able to host a good station for it; I’d try, though, to do my best with my current setup.
I am a full stack software developer (Java, Python, Javascript/HTML/CSS) and have long time experience with Linux systems. I am interested in system administration, software development, radio communications, astronomy (but science in general).

I look forward to cooperate and to be able to improve my own station, according to my possibilities of course :wink:


Welcome Attilio, great to have you here.


Welcome to SatNOGS, @dl1unx! My call sign is VA7UNX, so I think that means we’re related. :smile:


Hey @dl1unx! You might want to have a look over at our repos for easy fixes you can get started with:
satnogs-network and satnogs-db. Cheers!


Hi @saintaardvark,

Is it only a coincidence or you are also a UN*X enthusiast?



Thanks a lot @pierros!
I will check the repos and hope to be able to provide some support, as soon as I am able to find some time.



Not at all - I’m a sysadmin/ops person at $WORK. It was the geekiest callsign I could find. :smile:


Yeah, geeky enough indeed! :c)