Identification NORAD ID 58266

I had registered our satellite on satnogs with a temporary NORAD ID (99027). And since then, the NORAD ID of our satellite has been changed to 58266.
I would like to know the process for assigning the NORAD ID?

Hi @ali_mohamed and welcome in the community!

Currently our main way to identify NORAD objects happens through checking observations, from Network or from strf tools, against the published TLE by using the Doppler effect of the received signal.

You can check this process for DJIBUTI-1A and the other satellites on this launch in “SpaceX F9 Transporter-9 - Vandenberg - 2023-11-11 18:47 UTC

Especially in this post, you will find the status report where includes DJIBUTI-1A identification and the evidence that shows why object 58266 is best fit for it.

Here are the tools that we usually use:


Hi Fredy,
I wanted to install the strf software, but I have some issues as you can see in the below image. Could you please help!

Two links that help you to get it up and running.

I tried to download the strf software but am having some problems. Also, I see that it requires hardware like an RTL-SDR receiver to use the strf software (I don’t have this receiver). I wanted to use the Doppler effect and I’m wondering what software I can use to interpose a waterfull signal and that of the TLE in order to identify the ID of our DJIBOUTI-1A satellite.

Thanks for your help!

Have a look at Alfredos-Panagiotis Damkalis / Ikhnos · GitLab this can be used in combination with SatNOGS observations.

This will give you an output similar to this image:

Following the steps to install Strf, I encountered a problem at this step (see below image), could you help me?