Help us translate the Libre Space Manifesto

Hello all!

We are reaching out to the community to ask for your help with translating our Libre Space Manifesto.

We feel that the version of the text is stable enough after some iterations based on community feedback, and we would like to proceed with a first pass on translations specifically to make the Manifesto available on 6 languages to start with: Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Russian and Spanish.

How can I help?

Are you a native speaker in one of those languages? Great!
Head over to Zanata, create an account, post your username here so we can add you as a translator and start translating!

What are those weird symbols? (**, ----, *** ) in the translation files?

Those are markdown formatting symbols. Please keep them intact (copy them over) from the original strings. Same applies for spaces :slight_smile:

When will my translations be online?

We will be reviewing formatting and pushing translations online on a weekly basis.

Why no additional languages?

We will be trying the community translations on 6 key languages (UN-style) and based on feedback/available translators and needed UI changes we will be opening up translation opportunities for many more languages.

Any additional questions? Please reply to this topic!


Am I the only one that can’t use the online Zanata editor? I tried both Firefox and Chromium, can’t click on any of the strings (neither on the standard nor the alpha editor). I also tried the Enter keyboard shortcut, without success :frowning:

Working ok for me on both Firefox and Chromimum. Asking the silly questions: “Are you logged in?”

I can log in and see the index text in each language on chromium but they are locked as read only.


Indeed, my bad! Users need to be added as translators :slight_smile:I have added @astrojuanlu and @concretedog . Please post here your usernames so I can add you if you want to help!

(edited first post to reflect the process too!)


@astrojuanlu :slight_smile: thanks!


I can help with Portuguese (pt-br) translations, if you want to add it. I’ve registered on Zanata as yurimdias


So cool, ok I have registered as redsharpbyte on Zanata.
I will work on French :smiley: Because I know how to say “Voulez-vous manger avec moi ?!” since I can speak.


“yohan_hadji” As a french I could help too for the french version :wink:


Here is the european portuguese version. I’ve rounded a few corners that are logic in english but can be ambigous in portuguesese.

Manifesto para um espaço livre

O espaço sideral é o futuro da humanidade.

É a oportunidade da humanidade de explorar, desenvolver, usar e prosperar de uma maneira diferente. Assim procuramos uma maneira de garantir a longevidade,
sustentabilidade, abertura e igualdade desses esforços para toda a humanidade.

Para isso, comprometemo-nos a aderir aos seguintes:


Todas as pessoas terão o direito de explorar e usar o espaço sideral em benefício e no interesse de toda a humanidade.
A exploração e o uso do espaço sideral devem ser realizados de forma colaborativa e cooperativa.
O espaço exterior deve ser usado exclusivamente para fins pacíficos.
O lucro não deve ser a força motriz da exploração espacial.
Todas as pessoas devem ter acesso ao espaço sideral, tecnologias espaciais e dados espaciais.

Para realizar esses princĂ­pios, precisamos seguir os seguintes:


CĂłdigo aberto
Todas as tecnologias desenvolvidas para o espaço sideral devem ser publicadas e licenciadas usando licenças de código aberto.

Dados abertos
Todos os dados relacionados e produzidos no espaço sideral devem ser acessados, usados ​​e construídos livremente por qualquer pessoa, em qualquer lugar,
e devem ser compartilhados e geridos de acordo com os princĂ­pios acima citados.

Desenvolvimento Aberto
Todas as tecnologias para o espaço sideral devem ser desenvolvidas de maneira transparente, legível, documentada, testável, modular e eficiente.

Governo aberto
Todas as tecnologias para o espaço sideral devem ser governadas de maneira participativa, colaborativa, direta e distribuída.

My Welsh isn’t good enough… but within our household we could get Welsh done! I’d LOVE to see this in Welsh!


I would like to help translating to Spanish. My username in zanata is yn1v
Please add me to translators if there is still need for Spanish translation.


hb9fxx - i can help on the french version

Zanata username: rumlin

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Added @hb9fxx, @rumlin, @yn1v, @Yohan_Hadji and @yurimdias on Zanata on their respective languages. Thanks for stepping up people! Waiting your translations :slight_smile:


The original literary work is diamond. Its translation is glass.
(Japanese saying)

It is humanity’s opportunity to explore, develop, use, and thrive differently. A way to ensure the longevity, sustainability, openness, equality of those efforts for all humanity.

Can this paragraph of the text be explained? Literal translation into Russian is very bad. Because do not understand the meaning

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I will try to do my best :slight_smile: Oversimplifying it:

Humanity (as in “all people”) has a possible way to do explorations, development and use of technology in a different way than it is done right now.

This “different possible way” (the open one towards space, the “opportunity”) is the means/way (i know… it is repetitive) to make sure that “explorations, developments and use of technology” will be long-lived, sustainable, open and equal for all.

This is the intro to the manifesto, which sets up the stage for what is possible.

Let us know if there is more analysis needed, or point me to the specific word/phrase/sentence that seems off.



I rewrote this paragraph in a literary style, as far as I understood the idea and meaning.

There is no big flaw in the translation of the last paragraph:

All technologies for outer space shall be governed in a participatory, collaborative, direct, and distributed way.

What is the meaning of the words: “direct, and distributed way.”

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Without representatives

Not from a central place/organization



I would like to translate the manifesto to Urdu Language. Urdu is a major language of the Indian Sub-continent. It is spoken by over 100 million people. Seeing as there are many engineers who like participating in open source for this region, including this language will be a great start. I request the project moderators to add this language. I have signed up for zanata and my username is shah78677.