Couple of Newbie Questions

I live in British Columbia Canada - not too far from the US border (hoping I will see a few satellites here). I will be building the antenna rotor and had a couple of questions regarding the antenna. Apologies if this info is somewhere else …

  1. I see there is a new Helical antenna tuned for a specific frequency … is the satnogs project intended to receive just one frequency, or are there other frequencies that would require more than one antenna on the same rotor?

  2. I gather jumping into the latest Rotor and helical antenna design is the way to go?

  3. I saw that there was talk of a ‘newbie guide’ a while back. If there is one, can someone point me to it?

I am so looking looking forward to this! I have many years of ground station design/install and satellite payload testing, but have been away from that for a few years. I am the co-founder of a local Maker Space and this is going to be one of our projects.


Almost finished mine, I deviated from the plan a bit. I tried to add a lot of detail in my post. The latest 3.1 version is excellent IMO

I’ll try and make a wiki soon. I plan on using the dish I currently have setup on GOES with the rotator once I have a cover made for it, which will be soon.

Let me know if you have any questions about the rotator, I can’t speak about the helical.

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Hey Brian,

Im in Seattle and have started preparing 3 kits. I plan to build 2 of them myself and probably sell the 3rd for someone to make. I was also hoping to build the first, then document building the second.

I would be interested in hearing your progress.

So far i believe i have everything from the BOM’s for the Rotator, Rotator Controller, and Controller Encoder. I am currently running through printing of all the parts and will soon start putting things together.

Good Luck…


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Lets keep in contact - I would like to build using the same pieces as you so we can pool our experience and make it easier for future people to build.
nI d, so no problem there.

I am also going to build this at a local Maker Space and get some youth involved.

What antennas are you planning to use?


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@spacecased, this is nice!! It is better to build v3.1 - source files and BOM, documentation as @quartapound did.

If you want to update the documentation, i propose to use SatNOGS OHAI and update in to v3.1. I think @elkos or @pierros can explain to you how to do it.

Also here you can read more details about SatNOGS rotator v3.1.