VHF LHCP patch antenna

Hi all!
Take a look. There’s microstrip :sunglasses: patch LHCP antenna.


  • two PIR panel 30x600x1200 from leroymerlin
  • RG-58U cable
  • N-type connetor
  • 3d printed connector to panel




Interesting project, you can share information for the calculation and construction. Thanks!

Hello, German!
Thank you for your interest. I’m ready to share all the info. But my project isn’t very orderly now. A few words about this.


  • investigate the possibility of using free or opensource software to calculate microwave devices instead of HFSS, CST, FEKO, etc.
  • use of cheap and readily available materials
  • receive pictures from meteo satellites, because its fun,I think, everyone loves pics, especially color
  • try to make a system similar to a digital antenna array, consisting of two antennas and two rtlsdr receivers synced from one oscillator

A significant difficulty is access to a network analyzer, but our frequency is low, then there are relatively cheap devices. There may also be a problem with the presence of a 3d-printer.

For calculations I used the onelab (gmsh+getdp) software. ./models/Antennas/mstrip.pro is the reference design. For writing a project I used the python bindings gmsh and pygetdp. But I think, it’s worth giving up using pygetdp, because this project is crude and it’s easier to use getdp language. In my opinion the syntax of this language is one of the ugliest.

Here’s repository of antenna project. Its code is very dirty and non-pythonic. There are all dimensions and calculations.

Unfortunately I don’t yet have enough time to lead this project to be fully documented and clearly coded. But if you ask me questions, I’ll be glad to answer any.


Thank you very much Iván, for sharing information.
I really did not know the Onelab project, I am going to get into the subject, since I find it interesting to use modeling software that is not paid.
On my side the interest, at this moment, is for the UHF band and to be able to achieve a constellation of antennas that can be switched, I fulfill the role of a rotor (without being it).
As for, I study this a little better, I will not hesitate to consult you.

73 by LU6APA.