Using T-Slot profile instead of tube (proposal)

In a topic, that I cant find anymore, someone suggested using T-profile instead of the tube.

I think this is a good option for the ELV part for easy connecting a antenna.
Most V3.1 part can be used for that, just need two different part as can be seen on this picture

The first one is the spacer:

It slides easaly over the profile. It has the same wiht as the orgional one.
The second one is the flange that goes into the axis gear:

Testing parts are ordered today and hopefully by the end of the week I can present more pictures



Looks pretty sweet to me. Not sure what the additional metal will do about rfi, etc though. I know those motors are chatty

Just got a notice that 3D printed parts are on there way.
Hope to have more pictures on Friday
== Update ==

The parts arived

But it seems that the blue part wont fit into the AxisGear. Somewhere along the road i got a 38mm but not the 40mm AxixGear. so I ordered a new gear. Have to wait some more days. But the first fitting looks good.


Hey, sorry for the bump.
How did this end up working for you?
I just ordered some oversized tube that Iā€™m going to have to turn down to get to 40mm, and printing a new part might be easier at this point.

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the stl files are available?