Usability of db data

What are the needs of people that use the db? Does the current system satisfy current and expected future needs?

As a hobbyist, I would like the data to be easy to evaulate and obtain the most usuable information. Using the data in an amateur radio weather reporting emergency net is useless unless it contains information that we can quickly obtain and glean information that is needed in an emergency, while using a field station that normally does not have mass media reporting conviently available

At times, the only network available is via an amateur radio network which is by FCC rules and regulations, very limited in rate of transmission. So any data transmitted needs to be as complete and useful as possible.

Most amateur radio networking system use tcp/ip based ascii transmissions. On HF the max baud is 300 and on VHF is 1200 baud. So, the data flow is slow compared to commercial systems.

I hope I am not too far off topic, but think that the Satnogs db can be a great advantage to emergency communications.

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Now on the topic… there is an attempt to decode and create dashboards of the obtained data in order to make them more visible and usable for both the owners of the satellites and the rest of the people who want to analyze these collected data.

You can read more about it in Data warehouse POC

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