UMKA-1 telescope satellite mission



2024-06-19 19:11utc RS38S
2024-06-20 08:17utc RS40S
2024-06-20 09:44utc RS40S
2024-06-19 19.11utc RS38S - DL7NDR

2024-06-20 08:13utc RS40S
2024-06-20 08.13utc RS40S - DL7NDR

2024-06-20 09:48utc RS40S
2024-06-20 09.48utc RS40S - DL7NDR

How to get a QSL card


@ra3ppy is there any 1k2 and 2k4 transmissions scheduled ? I have done deviation measurement on the 4k8 and 9k6 modes and did not have any IQ recordings on the slower ones.
Or if there’s recordings available already ?

Hi! At the moment, work is underway to set up the onboard telescope. The most comfortable speed for the 9k6 team. But if you need from Monday to Tuesday, after leaving the radio visibility zone of the MCC, we can transfer the satellite to 2k4 specifically for you.

That works, beaconing at 2k4 should be fine. I just need one strong frame, so if you already have a IQ recording or I can schedule on station 1888 that has good antennas and records IQ.
I did an observation earlier, but did not have IQ dump activated at that time.

Does this mean that pictures with the telescope, however, will be taken and transmitted in the 70cm band ? That would be an achievement :slight_smile:


Hello @tomasz . Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing now. When everything is ready I will let you know.

There is the latest mission report for the next three months. It’s in Russian, but I think the auto-translator will handle it. If it’s interesting.