Transporter-4 Rideshare : CCSFS SLC-40 : 1 April 2022 (16:24 UTC)

I understand that this satellite ,Alfacrux ,is an intruder in the radiomateur band:

“The team has been advised that the IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel considers this satellite project as a government funded IOT experiment and has informed them that IARU is not in a position to coordinate frequencies in the amateur satellite service for this mission”

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TLE set has been updated on both DB and Network.


But that tle looks exactly the same as the previous one in this thread. Am I missing something or is that a copy and paste mistake? @marcelfr

slight adjustment in epoch

edit: It’s a very basic adjustment and yes almost unnoticeable, but quickly determined to be helpful while we wait for more information and hopefully some information from norad leolabs etc.

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Thanks, I see now. I had compared all parameters, but didn’t notice the change in the last digits of the epoch. My mistake.

On another note. Celestrak has now post deployment tle’s. Could be useful for the other satellites.


Thanks letting us know Gustavo. Very unfortunate indeed.

Good day!

Ref. BDSat, is anyone clear on whether the digipeater is active on 145.850, 436.025, or both?


-Scott, K4KDR

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Digipeater is active on both frequencies

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Thank you!! No luck so far on 145.850, so I’ll try 436.025 on the next good pass here.

ALFACRUX has been suggested and approved with the temporary NORAD ID 99408. Added TLE set by celestrak.


It seems Celestrak supplemental data is the most reliable we have at the moment.


1 70308C 22033H   22091.73641479  .00103298  00000-0  45608-2 0    04
2 70308  97.3913 174.5891 0012847 269.0959 141.3622 15.21710394    12

edit: probably more suitable like this with temporary satnogs ID

1 99409U 22033H   22091.73641479  .00103298  00000-0  45608-2 0    07
2 99409  97.3913 174.5891 0012847 269.0959 141.3622 15.21710394    04

Doppler measurement for Alfacrux:

Updated tle for Alfacrux:

1 99408U 22033E   22093.60969907  .00000000  00000-0  46655-2 0    03
2 99408  97.3912 176.4241 0008790 172.8213  42.9755 15.20359149000007
# 20220401.87-20220402.92, 93 measurements, 0.022 kHz rms

I used the 70305 post launch tle of celstrak, adjusted MA and MM, renumbered id, propagated it. Hope it is more accurate!


Doppler measurement was only active on one pass showing the CW signal. The other passes had the harder to measure GFSK.

Using the Celestrak post launch TLE and adjusting the MA gives:

1 99409U 22033H   22093.61861111  .00000000  00000-0  45608-2 0    00
2 99409  97.3913 176.4384 0012847 141.6133 133.9607 15.22105253000004
# 20220402.85-20220402.86, 55 measurements, 0.021 kHz rms

This TLE is 9 seconds shifted in time, and I am not sure if this will be more accurate as I could not yet fit the Mean Motion. I need more CW passes for that. I will keep watching, but am limited in time to spend. EDIT: Fixed eccentricity.


Very nice! We plan to do some CW experimental transmissions. This should happen during your planned observation 5725290.

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Thanks @EelkeVisser both TLE sets are now in DB and Network.

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Thanks, if all goes well, that observation will fail, because STRF will take priority.

I have taken the AOS/center/LOS times from this observation, to plan the CW for you, if you prefer different timing for STRF, please state. I have AOS at you 21:40:44, center around 21:44:27 and LOS 21:48:10.

Hi, thanks for scheduling the CW over my station! Awesome to experience that!

Maybe you can change the LOS to a few minutes later. It looks a bit trunkated now. In both North and South direction I have a low horizon. Maybe we should take some margin as the TLE we are using now to schedule this is not so accurate. Start the CW a bit early and end it a bit late? This pass will happen around midnight local time. I will take a look at the data tomorrow.

We will activate it by manual commands, so also here it will need to be in view. Lets see.

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So the signals were transmitted, were you succesfull with the recording?