Test of new antenna for station 858 SM0TGU

I’m testing a DYI VHF/UHF Moxon antenna for my station 858. Fixed elevation about south and an elevation of… maybe 45 degree. I will run this a couple of days, daytime only.

The RPi is powered from an USB power bank.

Plan is to install a VHF/UHF (or UHF only) yagi with fixed position, in order to make it possible to decode data from satellites from my station.


Tests now finished. Back to disconne antenna. Next test in a couple of weeks with 3 element RHCP UHF yagi.


My 3 el RHCP UHF Yagi is soon to be tested. As always from my side all projects gets delayed. Stay tuned.


3 el RHCP UHF Yagi is now on test. If this will not work, I will buy a ready made UHF yagi.


This 3 el X-Yagi performs well, the best antenna so far I have tested for SatNOGS (and I have tested many…). Thanks to @pe0sat for support.
The antenna will now be mounted on the roof with a broadband LNA so station 858 will now be offline for a while. Also I have vacation and there has been some thunderstorms the last days.

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Could you share a link to the plans for this antenna?

The yagi is pointed at zenith?

Have a look at this link and then especially the 3 element yagi part.

There is also a link to the original design and calculator.

Yes it will be.

I’m sorry to say that this construction failed when I mounted in on the mast/roof. It was a bad construction mechanical. Phasing cable for RHCP broke. Coax cable connection to the driven element was unstable. Also the antenna was to narrow in bw. When built correct I still thinks this is a good antenna.

Next attempt will be a dk7zb design with better material for the driven element and directors. As i know station 858 is used by many I have a goal to provide a better s/n on the UHF band from my station.

Stay tuned for updates!


Now running a 5 el DK7ZB yagi. Read more here.