858 Stockholm Sweden new UHF Yagi antenna and Raspberry PI

Hi all!
During this summer I have been working with new hardware for station 858 located in Sollentuna (Stockholm) Sweden. As this station is popular I would like to support the community with better possibility to decode UHF satellites.

The new antenna is a 5 element DK7ZB style yagi pointed to zenit (90 degree elevation). The antenna is designed for 435 MHz but works OK down to VHF, so it is open from 140 MHz.

I also had some problem with lost samples using a Airspy Mini with Raspberry PI 3, so I upgraded to Raspberry PI 4.

The addon “satnogs_gr-satellites” is installed so for example Funcube-1 can be decoded. I also doing some tests with new Airspy driver.

In the near future I will also try to add a LNA and maybe make the Yagi to a 5 element circular polarisation.

Feel free to use station 858! https://network.satnogs.org/stations/858/


I think is too narrow

Don’t you agree?

It depends what you want from it, I’d set the minimum horizon to 20-30 deg to skip the close to horizon bit of the passes. Although there is a compromise here as the VHF antenna has another pattern.
Not sure you should listen to me thou :stuck_out_tongue: have a look at station 1888.

I think is too narrow

Yes and no.
I have done many tests with different UHF antennas at my QTH and I need the gain of an Yagi to be able to decode telemetry. So it will be a narrow beam.