Telemetry database not loading

Hello everyone,

I have read here in the forum telemetry frames that are successfully decoded are now also uploaded into the database. Is this right? I can’t find the forum thread any longer.

However when I try to access the website It takes forever to load. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @MasterJ!

This url points to the API endpoint of the satnogs-db which is probably not what you want.

If you want to see the decoded telemetry data, have a look at
If you want to download frames from db: log-in to the db, then there will be a download option available on the satellite page (if there are frames available for this satellite).

This may be the thread you referred to:

Hi @kerel, thanks. Right that was the announcement I was thinking of.

So it is not possible to get .json data of telemetry frames in the database?
I am working on a little python project and was looking for something like an api request to get the latest frame within my application. It already works for observations ( I know that there is the possibility to download the frames as a .CSV file but that is not really helping me in this case.

Unfortunately for now the only way to download frames from db is the csv file, telemetry API in db is used only for pushing data frames in db.

However there are plans for creating and improving the api of db after moving forward with some more important issues and changes like artifacts and decoders/dashboards.

fredy I can get frames out of the DB using the api. Is that not intended?

the API will in fact produce frames, yes, but only for satellites we have few frames for at the moment (hence the issue that @MasterJ ran into with the page load)

oops…my bad! You are right, indeed you can get frames from this api…
This is what happens when you look code at 3am after a long day :smiley:

Hm. :thinking: So is it possible to get specific frames using the API?
When I look at the stats page I see that my station has already delivered n frames.
I doubt that someone downloads the .csv table every day and counts the frames to update the stats :grinning:

Neither api nor csv are used for the stats counters. Queries in db are used instead and they are cashed, this is why show up so fast. :slight_smile:

Ok, for fetching frames automatically this API endpoint would be the right choice (in principle). Unfortunately it doesn’t provide advanced filters yet and it’s broken for satellites with too much frames (known issue as @cshields mentioned. nevertheless I created issue satnogs-db#266 to track this).

It’s possible to filter for a certain satellite (the only filter available for now):

@MasterJ In what frames are you interested/what filters would you need?