Stepper Power supply V1.2

Hi Guys
I’ve built everything and programmed arduino , stepper motors do nothing, was wondering about the Pololu A4983 stepper drivers, ive only got 5v on the stepper motors and they dont drive, the A4983 has a minimum operating stepper voltage of 8 V. Am I missing something on the V1.2 board? Do i need to supply external supply for steppers?

Also I can find any info on connecting V1.2 to my already operational Satnogs Raspberry Pi3…

Any help would be appreciated…

Thanks in advance



As you can see,

you must use an external PSU for stepper motors with VMOT = 8-35V for A4983

Power Consumption 1
Power Consumption 2

Thanks, Yes i missed that…a bit of a noob with these things :slight_smile:
I still do not know how to connect the raspberry Pi 3 to the board?


By using a usb cable that connected to arduino pro micro (that used in version v1.2).