STEP CubeLab-II/KSLV-II Launch

Dear, All.

I hope to get your help regarding our satellite STEP CubeLab-II. STEP CubeLab-II is in PVSAT and will be separated from PVSAT tomorrow afternoon about 3:00 PM (KST).

The TLE of PVSAT is as follow:
1 52894U 22065A 22179.22536086 .00000054 00000+0 21446-4 0 9995
2 52894 98.0197 330.2826 0008615 213.1705 271.3716 14.57557373 1002

The transmitter for STEP CubeLab-II is developed by us. The specification for STEP CubeLab-II is as follow:

  1. GMSK
  2. 437.485 MHz
  3. 9600 bps
  4. AX.25

I hope to find our satellite based on your help.

Would you help to find the satellite tomorrow?


@hrkim I see that you use radio amateur frequency, could you link to your IARU coordination?

EDIT: The satellite has been added in DB with the temporary NORAD ID 99390. It will be available for scheduling in Network a couple of hours before the deployment.

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@hrkim do you know if the other 3 satellites in the same launch will be deployed at the same time?

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The other three satellites have been also added. So, we have:

Satellite Temporary NORAD ID
RANDEV 99387
MIMAN 99388
SNUGLITE 2 99389

Answering my own question :slight_smile:

from Nuri : Test Flight #2 : Naro, South Korea : June 21, 2022 (07:00 UTC)

One deployment will be performed every two days, so:

Satellite Temporary NORAD ID Deployment Date
RANDEV 99387 2022-07-01
MIMAN 99388 2022-07-05
SNUGLITE 2 99389 2022-07-03
STEP CUBELAB-II 99390 2022-06-29
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So the UTC deployment time for STEP CUBELAB-II is 0600 utc on 29-June-2022, did I do that correctly?

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No, 3 satellite will be deployed with 2 days
29th Jun 22 - STEP CubeLab-ii
1st Jul 22 - RANDEV
3rd Jul 22 - SNUGLITE
5th Jul 22 - STEP CubeLab-II

Dear, Fredy

Thank you for supporting us.

  • Command to PVSAT for the deployment of STEP CubeLab-II ‘22. 6. 29, 16:50 (KST)

SOLETOP is operating SATNOGS.
I will add STEP2 in the observation.
Would you let me know how to add the observations?

Thanks for the update, I’ve scheduled observation for the first 24h. Please also you or @soletop answer to my previous question:

You should be able to schedule observations now if you have the permissions to do so.

Dear, Fredy.

TLE is updated by KARI as follow.

I will check the IARU link with Chosun univ.

Best regards,

Very nice downlink packets consistent with 9k6 seen on 2-minute interval 0900utc over the U.S. Doppler track matched PVSAT very well; unfortunately too weak for me to decode - not enough elevation. Good luck!

-Scott, K4KDR

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Here is the first successful observation of STEP2 in Network SatNOGS Network - Observation 6147666 and here is the first one with decoded data SatNOGS Network - Observation 6147651.

Hello, Fredy.

Thank you for your support.

Battery works well. We will check the others via TMTC operation.

Best regards,

There is a new TLE set from spacetrack for this launch:

1 52897U 22065D   22180.51470043 -.01103556  00000-0 -25807+0 0  9997
2 52897  98.0162 331.5282 0007165 227.2094 179.2094 14.58106744    22

We are going to follow it for STEP CUBELAB-II in DB and Network.

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@soletop is the satellite transmitting all the time or only above certain areas or only after commanding it?

STEP Cubelab-ii transmit the beacon every 60 seconds,

After 2 hours, we will command to the satellite for checking all the status over Korean penisula.

Thank you for the update.


I updated new satelllite deployed from PVSAT as follow.


RANDEV will be launched tomorrow afternoon similar time with STEP CubeLab-II

Frequency : 436.0285MHz
Modulation : BPSK w/ G3RUH
Datarate : 1200 bps and 9600 bps (Default)
Tranceiver : ISIS VHF/UHF Full Duplex Transceiver

Apart from this,

Would you help us command via other site?
Is it possible to use Satnogs for commanding?

Currently commanding isn’t supported from the Network, however is in our plans. :slight_smile: