Stand alone Gpredict dummy rotator programmed in Python

I have written a light dummy rotator for Gpredict in Python that does not require Hamlib.
It is working quite well and returns Az/El when activating engage and when following a satellite.
It is part of a project of activating a radiotelescope using Equatorial mounting not altazimutal as it is most frequently used in radioamateur world.
Consequently I convert Az/El coordinates into RA/Dec coordinates to control the telescope for high orbit satellite tracking (GPS, Galileo, Geo). This part also is working fine.
I am intrigued by Right Ascension displayed in main Gpredict window together with declination of satellites when requested.
Our computation agrees with declination but unfortunately I cannot figure out how the Right Ascension is computed. Usually RA is expressed in hours, min, sec, not in degrees. However it is not difficult to perform the translation.
Our routines are already validated by astronomy application SkyChart so we are not anxious about our computations.
The problem is that Gpredict displays a value of RA I would like to reproduce in order to be in total accordance with Gpredict.
Can someone give an explanation ?
Here is an example in attached screen copy link.

73 de Bernard f6bvp / ai7bg

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Add the image that was broken in the initial post.

Thanks for repairing the image.
In the meantime we found the bug in our computation that was breaking the computation of RA.
Now it works and we completely agree with Gpredict display.
Much better !
Sorry for the noise.
Best regards.
Bernard, f6bvp / AI7BG

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