SpaceX F9: 425 Project EO/IR - VSFB SLC-4E - 2023-12-01 18:19 UTC

Hi everyone,

Srry for the delayyyyyyy, we didn’t forget you, we are still working on a tool to decode;
since it’s taking more time that it should, here some info I can provide you to have a bit to eat…

The frame format is is as followed :

  • ax25 header : frame [0, 32[ : you will find the adressee in ASCII by shifting each byte in the caracters [0; 12[ and the source in ascii by shifting the each byte in the caracters [14;26[
  • data : frame [32, -4[ : in this frame (starting from 0), you’ll have timestamp of satellite in bytes [5:1:-1], battery voltage in bytes 23 (multiply it per 20)(you can compare with the average battery voltage in bytes 27 (x20)); and faces temperature (on one bytes) in 38, 39, 40, 41, 42. (face X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+). We are currently working on a tool to decode easily your raw decoded beacon.
  • CRC : frame [-4:]

Please here find to links :
Data concerning the last beacon received, and the participation from all radio-am that have participated to decoding beacons (if you doesn’t appear, your data havn’t been treated yet).

The Github page from our old satellite, it may be not up to date but you might find some information.

ENSO still in GMSK2400, RX 436.6MHz.