SpaceX Dragon CRS-23 - Amateur Sats on this launch

A thread to collate information on what’s being shipped up to the ISS on CRS-23, for deployment… sometime. (I’m hearing late September or October).

Known Amateur Sats going up:

As usual, neither of their websites provide any information on frequencies, modulation, or telemetry formats. I’ve contacted both the CUAVA-1 and BINAR-1 amateur radio contact persons (as listed on their IARU coordination page) for more info.

Other sats going up (according to Gunthers Space Page):


Have had a response from the BINAR-1 team.

BINAR-1 is using 9600 baud GMSK (0.5 modulation index), though they are using a custom framing, which means none of the existing demodulators will extract it. The packet format and framing is as follows:

There is no AX.25 framing, scrambling or manchester encoding used.

Hopefully the FM-demodulated recordings we get will be of some use!


Interesting! They’re using the SYNC_FLAG of the AX.25 standard and the same, low protecting, CRC-16 :smiley:

I think they will be running into problems…

A satnogs-decoder is in the pipeline. Once we have data to test with I can start a basic dashboard…

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Ok, so which flowgraph / “Downlink Mode” in db would you recommend for the BINAR-1 telemtry transmitter entry (for now I have choosen “GMSK”)?

That is all we can do. None of our flow-graphs will decode it, so only the FM-demodulated output will be useful here.

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