ISS Deployment (JAXA) - 2021-10-06 08:50 UTC - 11:00 UTC

JAXA J-SSOD#19 cubesat deployment will be on 2021-10-06, see JA0CAW’s tweet.

There are four satellites in the J-SSOD deployer (source: JSR No.797):

  • CUAVA-1
  • Binar-1
  • Maya-3 & Maya-4

They were launched to ISS with CRS-23, see SpaceX Dragon-CRS23 thread for more information on the two amateur cubesats CUAVA-1 and Binar-1.


Can we please get some temporary IDs allocated for these sats, so those of us running gr-satellites can get setup to try and decode some telemetry from Binar-1?

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Just added CUAVA-1 and Binar-1 as suggestions in satnogs-db, so they automatically got their SatNOGS Satellite ID & we can start adding transmitter data. This didn’t automatically assign a temporary NORAD ID though.

update: @fredy accepted the suggestions and assigned temporary NORAD IDs.

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Just to have it in a new post:

Binar-1 is now in DB with the temporary NORAD ID 99520 and
CUAVA-1 is now in DB with the temporary NORAD ID 99521.

@vk5qi Both CUAVA-1 and Binar-1 are now in DB-dev were you can test them.

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Maya-3 & -4 (each 1U) do also have amateur payloads and are IARU coordinated as well.

  • IARU Coordination: Maya-3 / Maya-4
  • Telemetry Beacon (for both, coordinated): 427.375 MHz, CW
  • APRS Downlink (for both, coordinated): 145.825 MHz

Their telemetry format is described in the Maya-3 & -4 high-level specifications.

Maya-3 suggestion added in DB with temporary NORAD ID 99522 and
Maya-4 suggestion added in DB with temporary NORAD ID 99523.

Can we please get the suggestions for these above satellites approved?


I’ve added also some missing transmitters to the two Maya’s, so now we are almost ready for the deployment. It remains to find out the exact time :slight_smile:

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From amsat-bb:
The deployment sked is followings.
#1 0850-0940z Binar-1, Maya-3, Maya-4
#2 1030-1100z CUAVA-1

CUAVA-1’s website now has been updated (barely) and says that they are using 9600 baud BPSK-G3RUH:

Still zero information on telemetry formats.

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Updated in DB, thanks for the info!

Everything ready for this deployment. For now we use ISS TLE set for all the satellites.

Scheduling is done for the first 24h of the satellites, more specifically:

Satellite Temporary NORAD ID Observations
Binar-1 99520 146
CUAVA-1 99521 140
Maya-3 99522 114
Maya-4 99523 82

EDIT: For Mayas we have less observations as they both transmit on the same frequency.

I will try to upload the telemetry format in a python file. [Processing: cuava-1-tlm-construct.txt…] But I haven’t been allowed to since I am a new user. Will try email later.

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Worst case you can paste it into a service like and send us a link here.

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@ivercairns I’ve updated your user status, please check if you can upload it now.

OK. Here we go again. Hope this is what you need. cuava-1-tlm-construct.txt (5.3 KB)


Thank you, Fredy. Just got it uploaded.

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Maya 3 and 4 are alive and have been received by “2370 - JE6VHE UHF QFH” station in SatNOGS Network - Observation 4825504.

About Maya-3&4 we have also confirmation with one more observation by “2107 - JH4XSY-pi” station in SatNOGS Network - Observation 4825126

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Very weak detection by my station (my UHF antennas are not pointed south):

Much better with my manual station:

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