Sinous antenna - how to buy or build it?

How can one build/buy such an antenna? And how does it compare on VHF to for example - turnstile built only for VHF?

Besides somewhat large surface area, does it have any significant drawbacks? Not gonna lie the ability to cover both UHF and VHF with one antenna is awesome.

EDIT: I see that there are some papers describing the geometry of arms for such antenna:

So as I understand I would need to generate shape for one arm of such antenna, then have someone mill it on CNC machine (out of what metal composition?)

Different documentations found :
documen.site_sinuous-antenna.pdf (1.9 MB)
edir301.pdf (1.6 MB)
Study of a Wideband Sinuous Feed.pdf (5.5 MB)

I cut my antenna out of aluminum 2mm thick.

I’m looking for someone to simulate the antenna and create a balun to match the impedance to a 50 ohm coax, I don’t have the skills for this part.

For the moment, the coaxial is connected directly to the arms (2 arms on the core and 2 arms on the mass)


Are those arms welded to that support structure in the image? If so I have no idea how this antenna is working as that would just be shorting the arms together.

If you are able to measure the impedance and stuff right at the feed point then I am sure someone can help come up with a balun. (Would suggest using a NanoVNA or something as they are pretty cheap_

Not sure because it’s not my antenna but to me it looks like wooden frame and hot glue.

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