Saving "next pass" data for multiple satellites

To verify an observation system, I am trying to use Gpredict for making satellite data just like the result for “Show next pass” as below.


But, I found that I have to save the data one by one.

Is there a way to save these results for multiple satellites? like hundreds?

I don’t have the knowledge to modify C programming language, so I need some help.

I’m still a noob, but I don’t see any straightforward way to do that with gpredict. There are a variety of other command line tools, which may work better, such as Python scripts using Skyfield:

Perhaps you could explain your use case further and how you are doing your verification. Thanks!

Thank you for your help!

I will consider using this

Is there no way to do this with gpredict, not other tools?

I have never used gpredict but google tells me Saving the List View could be relevant.

I think you can get a custom list of satellites that way, but they’d still have to click on each one to view “next pass” for export. afaict…

I see this link now too:

@csete :

For the time being, pass predictions are only generated for one satellite at a time, though it might change in the future.

Thank you so much for finding what I needed!

Helped me a lot

I would have to try modifying the source code then…

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I read this before asking, but thank you :slight_smile:

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