Saving the List View

Is there a way to save the entire List View, rather than having to save one satellite at a time?

I think I may know the answer…

Each module is configured using the small drop down arrow to the right of the module window.

The edit module window you first get allows you to select the satellites you’re interested in by passing them from the left to right pane using the arrows. (I have multiple modules, one for FM sats, one for linears, one for all sats, and one for RS-44)

Under Properties, Layout you are able to set the view for your module to table. Under Properties, List View you can set which elements you want to see in the table.

Did that help?

Appreciate the reply! I have the table set up using your tip. Now I want to save this table as a .txt file so I can pull it into Excel or Word or whatever. I don’t see a way to save this particular table to an external file. Any ideas?

niel, I would like to do this also. Please post if you find a solution.

No I don’t think Gpredict can export data to a file.

In the spirit of offering help, what is it that you want to use the spreadsheet/document for? If it’s for knowledge of future passes I’ve turned the app on my phone for that.

There’s also which you can get a listing from for all Amsat birds although it’s a web page that doesn’t offer export. I’ve just tried pasting the table into Libre Office writer to remove the html then Libre Office Calc and that gives a spreadsheet for the next couple of days.

Correct me if I’m wrong, what you search is for a list with the NORAD IDs for each module, right?

If yes, at least in linux (I guess something similar should happen in windows) you can go to your home directory ~/.config/Gpredict/modules there you will find .mod files which you can open with a text editor. Inside that files you will find the list of NORAD IDs.

Found the .mod files, but what I’m looking to do is to be able to copy/save/export the info from the list view to a .csv file to import into Excel. I’m on Windows 10