Satnogs statistics

Hi all,

I am sure I already statistical graphics about satnogs station status over time. But I did find it now.
Do you know if a repo / code exist to generate this statistical graph ?

I intend to be able to generate other graphics such as:

  • Number of Satnogs station vs time
  • Number of Satnogs station vs client version
  • Observations status vs time (for a specific ground station)

If it does not already exists how can I proceed?

Hello @f4hvq !

Those are all interesting stats. We do have a way to produce those behind the scenes since we have direct access to the running instances of our apps (db.satnogs and network.satnogs). We are working on a way to expose this more publicly (will be Grafana dashboards).

In the meantime here is a today’s snapshot of client versions:
SatNOGS client versions 2020-03-16

(Note: we are in a quick transition phase towards 1.1.2 + since clients are updating during this period)


And here you can see a graph for the historical numbers per status of ground stations:


  • ID (latest number assigned from the network)
  • All (count of all stations in the network)
  • Online (count of stations with “Online” status)
  • Testing (count of stations with “Testing” status)
  • Offline (count of stations with “Offline” status)
  • Future (count of stations with “Future” status)
  • Dead (count of stations deleted from ground station owners)

thanks to @BOCTOK-1 for monitoring and compiling this!


Interesting to see most stations are on 0.9 build, is this the current default build? Currently I’m on 0.9.1 have done an update from memory, any benefit to the later builds? What’s the difference between 1, 1.1 and 1.1.2? Happy for a stable build, will look to run update script tonight / later this week.

That’s good! Please consider to wait a few days before updating, there is still documentation missing (edit: this is based on my personal observation of a sharp increase in user support questions related to this udate) required for the 0.9->1.1.2 update steps, and some features were lost (especially the rtlsdr PPM frequency correction feature, see satnogs-flowgraphs#7).

Hi No probs , can wait till the bits are fixed

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