Satnogs rotator mast type

Sloooowly getting parts for my rotator build here and suddenly I realize the inner diameter for the tubes are 37mm.

All local antenna masts I can find are 38mm so I just assumed that was the inner diameter for the rotator too… Too bad I guess.

Is there some 37mm antenna mast standard I’m unaware of? Or is it 36mm?

I figured out a 1” galvanized water pipe has an outer diameter of about 34mm… I guess that could work in a pinch and isn’t horribly expensive.

Still open to other suggestions :slight_smile:

Hey! The inner diameter of the tube it is not critical, you just want space to pass thru another mast for antennas, it is like Yaesu G5500 antenna mount system. If you find a tube with smaller outer diameter you can modify the parts like this, Version 3.1 Stepper Varient with V2 Controller.

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