SatNOGS DB - POST Request Telemetry API

I’m looking for a way to post telemetry to the SatNOGs DB via HTTP (outside of the client). Looking at the TelemetryView code, (though I’m not familiar with Django) it seems like the create method handles a POST or PUT request. Could someone confirm that this is a valid API route and what fields need to be present for a valid POST or PUT request?

There does not appear to be a recently active GitLab issue for API documentation, but I did find this older issue and I’d be happy to contribute to it if possible.


Currently for uploading artifacts (results of an observation) in DB you need to use SIDS protocol (pdf for SIDS documentation).

You can take a look here for how SatNOGS Network implements it in order to push demodulated frames to DB.

If you want to test your software, please use the dev instance of DB at

EDIT: About DB API documentation there is an ongoing attempt to write it (and automatically generated). You can see the results at

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I have an additional question. To perform a request on API (get), authorisation token is needed. For a POST, it seems not needed. Somebody can confirm ?

Thanks for your answer

@XtopheSwl I can confirm it.