How to send decoded data to satnogs

Hi Group, My getkissplus program failed to send the Bobcat-1 data to satnogs due to internet drop out, I have the decoded data in kiss or log file how do I upload to the satnogs dashboard??
I am new at all this help appreciated many thanks cheers Harry
Am using W10 pro 64 bit laptop I7

This is my answer from another topic.

If you are not very fluent in code, please share the format of the data so someone could help with coding a solution.

PS I haven’t use getkissplus, so maybe there is a way, that I don’t know, to upload the data after the observation.

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@harry if you are interested by java, I have some piece of code for that.

Hi chris I would be interested in that I am not a person that does code so much but my problem was I used uz7ho soundmodem into getkiss plus then it tx’s the data to satnogs seems the internet dropped out and I didn’t notice till later when my 14 packets from bobcat-1 failed so as I had decoded the data wanted to forward it on. Thank you harry

Thanks fredy I do have Ubunu 20.04.2 running also but learning it is a bit of a slow journey I looked at installing satnogs dashboard but still getting my head around it, I can install .tarz builds etc but I would like to use ubuntu for most ham stuff so bought a I7 hp 64 bit lappy took w10 off and installed UB so I could learn, I was using UZ76HO’s sound modem via hdsdr SDRplay rspdx and getkiss plus to tx the downloaded data but the usual internet drop outs grrr. Anyway I will have a look at the information you kindly sent thank you cheers Harry

@Harry did you look to DK3WN satblog ( Software - DK3WN SatBlog ) ? He had publish sofware wich can answer to your request (it’s for windows)

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It’s also worth pointing out that unless the uploaded data is timestamped somehow, uploading tons of old data can cause issues…

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Yes I did use his software thank you it was used to decode but the internet dropped out and didn’t send all i am wanting to do is send the the decded 14 packet thru cheers

hi yes I am aware and yes it has time stamps that’s why I just want to send what the dk3 software didn’t send because my internet dropped out, these sats are hard to get at 57k6 so wanted the data sent cheers vk2dwt

Sorry to hear, but this isn’t possible, the only thing that is maybe option, that the GetKISS-plus buffer will try to re-sent the queue when the connection comes back, but currently that is in memory so when you close the program it is gone.

Manual uploading a kiss file afterwards comes with to many challenges so I am not a proponent to make this possible.

Jan - PE0SAT

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Hi Jan, Thanks very much I thought it possibly was the case that getkisspluss might hold and send when it can but was not sure because it said posted at bottom of forward screen. At least now i will keep program open and see what happens :)).

Regards Harry VK2DWT