Rules for a decoder script?

Hello community,

as a university project I plan to write a decoder for a satellite in a manner that the decoder is compatible with the satnogs client software.

I know that the decoder scripts are GNU radio scripts and the code collaboration is located here:

My question is:

Is there anywhere a documentation or are there requirements that have to be met by the decoder?

So far my approach would just be looking at the existing decoders and “copy” their structure.

Thanks for your help

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Hey @MasterJ ! It is wonderful that you want to contribute more demodulators!

@surligas can provide directions for this, and I suppose we can create a sample “empty” demodulator with only the absolute required blocks and functionality that can function as a starting point for people that want to contribute to gr-satnogs.

That would be interesting. (I need to figure out how to get a graphical interface of the scripts. xD)

Hi all,

thanks for interesting of helping us expand the available decoders! To be honest, I think that the current method of distributing-expanding the available decoders is a bit problematic. Adding a new one, requires a merge request on the gr-satnogs.

The actual problem is that most operators do not follow the updates on the repository. I have some ideas of how this can change, but for now let me create for you a dummy flowgraph that can be used as a base. I will also update the README so you can get some info, how to integrate it in the satnogs ecosystem. Note that depending the flowgraph, some modifications on the client side may be required.

Hi @surligas,
that is a great announcement. I am looking forward to an update of the Readme and a dummy flowgraph.
I am sure this will help me and others to create more satnogs compatible decoders. :+1:

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For anyone trying to implement a decoder feel free to get in touch with me about the client side if you need any help.

There is a merge request, that adds an example flowgraph and some documentation. It will not take long to approve and merge it into master.

Thanks for the example flowgraph and the Readme.
I will start working on my decoder and probably come up with some new questions soon :slight_smile: