RamSat mission progress

Thank you so much! Will you be doing one today, though? @pethornton

@jupitersaturn09 and all east coast North America observers: we will do more image data downlink work today during a 30 degree max elevation pass starting at UTC 21:56.
We had a successful pass yesterday, filling in missing packets on one image and taking a few more pictures. Also updated the system clock, which improves attitude prediction.
Here are a few recently-downlinked images - enjoy!


Thank you so much! For me it’s 81 degrees :slight_smile:

Either way, thank you so much, I’ll be tuning my radio :sunglasses:

Can anyone help me with my direwolf settings? I have this as my config file:



MODEM 9600

Here is an example of my audio (NFM demod)

Running direwolf gives this:

Dire Wolf version 1.6

Reading config file direwolf.conf
Available audio input devices for receive (*=selected):

  • 0: Stereo Mix (Realtek(R) Audio) (channel 0)
    1: Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio)
    Available audio output devices for transmit (*=selected):
  • 0: Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) (channel 0)
    Channel 0: 9600 baud, K9NG/G3RUH, +, 44100 sample rate x 4.
    The ratio of audio samples per sec (44100) to data rate in baud (9600) is 4.6
    This is on the low side for best performance. Can you use a higher sample rate?
    For example, can you use 48000 rather than 44100?
    Note: PTT not configured for channel 0. (Ignore this if using VOX.)
    Ready to accept KISS TCP client application 0 on port 8001 …
    Ready to accept AGW client application 0 on port 8000 …

But nothing decodes. Any ideas as to why?

The signal is pretty good

@pethornton I have uploaded some of the packets I received in raw baseband form (open in SDR# or SDR++).

I hope this will help in the image decoding.

My antenna is simply a 70cm dipole… but for me the satellite was at about 5 degrees elevation when it started dumping and my line of sight isn’t great.

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@jupitersaturn09 thanks - we are sometimes able to use image packets from the satnogs DB to fill in for ones we miss.


@pethornton Sorry to bother you… but are there any new images available?

Our recent mission effort has been focused on downloading as many previously captured images as possible before RamSat’s demise. It’s looking like deorbit may be as late as December, so we still have a little time. Posting below some of our best new images.

First, a pair of images (visible camera on top, visible+NIR camera below) looking from approximately overhead in East Tennessee, toward the southeast with a great view of both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida. These two images were captured on 4 June 2022, between 16:22:06 and 16:22:10 UTC.

These are our best pictures so far in terms of capturing vibrant color in the ocean.


Another image pair also with the visible camera image on top and the visible+NIR image below. These images were taken two minutes earlier than the pair shown above. Ram Sat was just passing over the Florida panhandle, and the images show nearly nadir views of the region from Pensacola Bay inland (North is to the right in these images). A third image is a Google Earth screenshot showing the approximate view of the vis+NIR image. Captured on 4 June 2022, 16:20:12 - 16:20:14 UTC.


One more image pair (visible camera on top, vis+NIR camera below). These were taken a few days earlier but showing similar geography - this time an off-nadir view looking down the Florida peninsula. If you look carefully you can match the cloud patterns in the two images to see how they overlap. The ground detail is much easier to see in the vis+NIR view, since water is very dark and vegetation is relatively bright in this band combination. You can easily make out the reservoirs scattered across the coastal plain in this view. Captured 1 June 2022, from 18:03:46 to 18:03:50 UTC.


Amazing pictures - congrats to you all! Just an incredibly successful mission.

-Scott, K4KDR


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


+1 to what Scott @K4KDR said. Wishing your team continued success with RAMSAT and that it continues to resist the force !

Scott MAUSyagi


RamSat has been added to the “predicted decay” list at SpaceTracker.org, with an estimated decay date of 10/23/2022. We’re hoping to see some indication of heating in the final telemetry packets, so please keep making observations. In the meantime we are busy pulling down as many images as possible, while getting a new class of students engaged in the mission. Each class gets to participate in a different stage, and this will be the class that witnesses demise and tries to parse the final telemetry for any indications of reentry.


Will do!. Here’s to hoping RAMSAT resists The Force as long as possible :+1:




Sorry I only just saw this a month late. The account you originally tagged was our old one that’s not checked anymore, and I didn’t get the notification on this one.

One thing I’m sure of - this attempted uplink isn’t coming from either of our stations (2080 & 2550). Our station was TX capable earlier this year but after our satellite GASPACS deorbited in May all of our TX equipment was disconnected. We added RAMSAT along with a few other sats to our auto scheduler and just let the station do its thing for the last few months. I don’t know of anyone else in our area who has the interest or capabilities to be poking at your satellite, but considering our station’s range they could potentially be anywhere in the western US. Is there any chance this is a software bug, or is it definitely receiving attempted command packets?

If there’s any way we can help figure this out, let us know. I’m not involved in the daily operations anymore since I graduated, but Carter is in charge of the team now and can be reached at coordinator@gas.usu.edu. We’re also both on the element chat Satnogs room.

Good luck and great job with this cool mission!

  • Jack KJ7RSW

Hi Jack,
Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m glad to know that it wasn’t your team trying to transmit to RamSat. I hope you had a successful mission with GASPACS!
The messages we were getting were definitely the result of AX25 packets on our uplink frequency. Could have been intentional, or not. We haven’t seen anything in the last couple months.
All the best,
Peter KN4EWX


Hello @pethornton,

Are you aware of next downlink opportunity?

Thank you!

Is it possible to receive and possibly decode images while sat is over Europe ? I only receive beacons in Poland.

Tomek, SP5LOT

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@tomasz Unfortunately (as far as I know), no. However, there is the Lucky-7 cubesat that downlinks images only over Europe. Take a look at the schedule. Apparently the signal is relatively easy to receive.

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