QFH 433Mhz Antenna

I notice a few are using a 433mhz QFH antennas. I have built a 144mhz QFH and it works great.

Does anyone have designs for the 433Mhz QFH? I have a heap of 6mm copper tube to use!!

Thanks in advance

Brennan ZL4VBJ


Hi Brennan,

for designing my 144 Mhz QFH, I used the following QFH calculator:
For me that worked fine.

Hope that helps for making your 433 MHz version!

best regards,

Hauke DH4CK


Thanks, ill give it a try :slight_smile:

@ZL4VBJ take a look at a thread by @surligas -3d printed 433Mhz QFH antenna a while back An easy 3D printed quadrifilar helix antenna

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I used jcoppens.com as well for all my QFH antennas. For UHF I made it from 3mm copper wire and stacked it on top of the 2m QFH. This is for receiving only with LNA4ALL.
I build another stacked pair for Transmitting and used the 6mm copper tubing for both.